Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WOW! What a Sight to See!

I went to another town to see a dear friend today and while there, I got to see a doe and her two new fawns who are just about a week old, walk right up to my friends patio and eat pears off of her pear tree tree as well as those that had fallen to the ground.

My friend called me about 4 days ago telling me that the doe had just had her babies right then and there at the edge of her property.  My friends voice was full of awe.  She got to see the fawns when they were born.  It wasn't long after that that mama AND her twins came to the pear tree,  Of course the babies couldn't eat pears then but she was hungry and she stayed a little while eating pears as the babies just laid on the lawn watching her.,  They moved on to the back of the property and into the thicket.  Since then, she and the fawns have come several times a day.  I was fortunate when I visited today in that they came up to eat, even the fawns, while I was sitting at the table in the dining room looking at them.

My friend has those windows with the blinds built in..those that you push a button to get them to open and close..hence there was no raising them up so as to take a picture, however bad it would have been thru the glass, of the little family.  There was absolutely no way to go outside as they were within 6 feet of the door.  I wanted to take a picture SO bad!!!  I had the camera.  Dang.  But that was a beautiful sight..and one that my friend gets to see every day.

I also got to see the fawns obeying her.  Something across the street got her attention and she stopped eating.  Her ears were moving like periscopes and the babies were standing within 15 feet of her..side by side.  She lifted her right foot and stamped the ground one time.  The babies stood absolutely still.  While she was still looking outward..she lifted that same foot and stamped..hard...again.  She did that a total of 8 times.  The fawns stood stock still not moving an ear, tail, nothing.  Then, the doe walked quickly to the fawns, sort of gathered them up in a manner of speaking and the all walked rapidly- not a run- to the edge of the property and a thicket.

It was a privilege to see all of that so close to me.  If only I could have thru that infernal mini blind mess in the glass you'd have a close up picture right now.  But I carry mine in my mind.  It was a treat like no other.  Red heart


  1. wildlife in the yard is so cool
    especially little ones

  2. Didn't know the little ones were born so late in the summer down there. Cool wildlife moment and mental snapshot for you.

  3. That was a wonderful sight to see. My daughter lives across from a golf course and they see deer there quite often.
    When are you coming to see me??

  4. I think it's been a bumper crop around here for three species in particular: bear, antelope and deer. I've never seen more twins and triplets for them in all my years. I remember looking down my gun scope one day at my target antelope and I realized they were fighting for their lives while I was just enjoying some recreation...never hunted again and now my shooting is done with a camera...boy am I glad!

  5. What an incredible thing to witness!!!!!