Sunday, August 22, 2010

You know what THAT means 11/06

f I am sitting here typing before 9 in the morning...and coincidentally wearing shorts and tank top, that means I am avoiding the treadmill.  However, I have told myself to get into the clothes for it and that I will appear on the belt of the treadmill one minute after hitting "publish".  Yessiree.
I took oldest home yesterday and in a residential area, doing a sedate 25mph, I glided past a lady who was having a heated conversation with her roadside mailbox.  I saw her certainly, before I got next to her...and there she was, (likely in her 60's I would guess) with the door of the mailbox held firmly down, and her head at the level of the box door, her mouth moving animatedly, shouting into the box.  Hm.  Reminded me of that blonde joke where the blonde was found standing exasperated outside her mailbox and someone asked what she was doing and why was she mad..and she said that the computer kept saying she had mail and yet when she came to the box there, it was always empty!  So maybe my unknown lady there on the sidewalk was disappointed that there was no mail.  But she sure was hollerin'.  I'll certainly attest to that!
I was watching TV last night.  That's different.  I did the flip thru the channels thing and stopped on TLC's "What Not to Wear" and I lOVED it.  I hit on riches there as there were 3 episodes.  The one that made me laugh and enjoyed the most was the women who had about 100 pair of jeans she said.  I do as well.  I have about 50 pr. I should amend that to say.  And though she was a Salon owner (and wished to have a more upscale Salon) she wore jeans habitually and "message" T shirts.  It's a running joke in my family (the sons) that at important functions I not wear my Grateful Dead T and a pair of ratty jeans.  I was just corrected by middle son.  He said it's my Metallica T shirts he doesn't want me to wear to his class's school functions or whatever else he invites me to when I am there. 
No, I wouldn't wear these items, but I would LIKE to and they know it!
I have about 50 prs. of jeans, many T's (no message ones tho) and identified with that woman.  However her jeans had a definite problem.  I draw a distinction here.  They asked her if she got her jeans in the Junior Dept.  She said yes.  Well, I do too..but  BUT
mine are plain..I just like the narrow cut and low waist.  Hers were ruffles, bells, like a 4 inch rise! zippers, doo dads..they were embarrassing. Not to HER...she thought she looked great.  So they hardest thing they had to deal with regarding her was getting her to dress age appropriate and in a more up scale manner so as not to scare the potential client off.  She looked like road kill. Since I can too,  I laughed...I just loved watching them try to get her into more classic clothes.  I too like jeans.  When I get duded up for occasions..I can't wait to get  dress clothes off again and get into either jeans or shorts depending on the season. But I will give myself credit..I don't buy teen things except jeans and that is because I, like the woman they featured, have narrow hips and relatively thinnish thighs.  So they look good on me as opposed to the relaxed fit and high waist jeans with the peg leg look. 
This has turned into a book.  I bet the treadmill is still out there too...waiting.  Isn't it?

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