Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back From the Hills 12/06

Women! Here I felt like heck but I had a 1000 hrs. appointment with my salon so, I went. Only the inability to move or coma would have kept me away. Long as I didn't have a fever which I didn't. I would not want to infect anyone.

But headed off the the salon and got my hair done. Then over to the Walk In Clinic as it would be several days or early next week before I could get into my regular Dr. office. The weekend is looming so..Walk In Clinic and they have excellent doctors there.

Turns out I have an ear infection. Glad he looked in there as I forgot to tell him that the pressure seemed unequal during the night when I had to get up due to coughing etc etc. I have what everyone else has it seems, and while some of what's going on can't be treated with meds..part of it can as in my ear infection. So, I have started antibiotics for that, a WOW cough suppressant/expectorant combination (how do they DO that???) for the dry hacking cough and then, something else for congestion. Phew.

But Diane, my Stylist, must have really really done a super great job on my hair as while I get flirted with decently enough usually, today the guys were pulling put all the stops. From the drug store to the waiting room of the Dr. to the grocery. Of course, I flirted back. (I guess I feel better )

Most of the day is gone. The evening will start now...and I can't wait to take the cough meds. Man I hate this incessant cough. Woke me up at 0130 and I stayed up about 2 hrs what with the computer and reading before I could go back to sleep sorta.

I appreciated what you all said and I thank you for that. I was feeling pretty sorry for me long about 0700 this morning. During the night too. Several of you know that without reading it here as YOU all got the emails with the "O woe is ME!".

By the way.  I got a very welcome phone call from a member of the blog family while I was waiting at the doctor's office to be seen.  She had left me a voice mail that had me in stitches.  I was almost looking around to find someone to say " Here.  take this phone and listen to this!" as she had said in jest of course, that my blog didn't have a Southern accent but my voice mail sure did.  Oh that was funny.  And there I stood in the waiting room heehawing all over there by myself! 

Going to take the advice I was given and brew some tea. That just sounds exactly right.

Kitchen, here I come!!


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