Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cat and Mouse Games 12/06

Oh no. The dreaded sight among sights. My cat is on patrol.
I wondered where she was as I am getting ready to leave the house again and I was going to fish with her a few minutes before the great makeup putting -on session.
She, I found, is poised with determination in front of the washing machine. Looking intently at where the machine meets the floor. That tells me (I'm no dummy!) that there is something under the washing machine. I could go the rest of the year and not see that sight and be happier!
If there IS something under there and my gut tells me there is...and if it dares to come out and she sees it..what good is she? I have been through this before. I live in an extremely wooded area and field mice tend to come in on occasion. If I could find where they do, I would block that unwelcome visit (they are cute though). She has on occasion succeeded in finding a mouse and all she does is treat it as a toy. This isn't her fault. I got her as a kitten and she has been gently reared :) in the house. No momma cat to teach her hunting skills nor what to do once she gloms onto something that moves. She just has fun batting at it till it gets tired of her and goes to another area where she isn't. That leaves ME with an unpleasant task. So, guess I will have to get out the ol' trap and set it. I detest that as I hate killing anything. With my luck there would be a run of Hanta virus and I'd get it if I decided they and I could co-exist. (not likely).
So..the dreaded 'crouch in front of an area' scene just greeted me and now I have to take some sort of action. Ewwww. Times like this I wish I had a husband.
Now my former cat, Robin..what a huntress. For good or ill she would happily hunt down whatever it was and bring it in for inspection praise and as a gift.
She was black (and passed away at age 16) and when she asked to come in a thousand times a day and evening (we kept her in at night. She wasn't allowed out till morning) how many times we fell for just opening the door and letting her in. As she was black, we couldn't see her at night really, or what she may have had as her contribution to supper. We just knew she was there as she knocked in a manner of speaking, at the window to come in. We'd open the door and there she'd come, with snake, rabbit, chipmunk, mouse,birdy..takes yer choice, into the house and deposit the gift on the floor.
FINALLY after years of this (we learn slow!) we'd take a flashlight to the deck door and shine it on her before we opened the door to let her in.
We had to deal with many an animal (she never killed them) at large in the house and trying to catch it to usher it outside again.
My sons.. if they were inclined could regale you with some harrowing times we had..namely the mouse who got caught (read squished) in the door, the mouse who was brought into the bed..etc. They may or may or may not. (hint hint).
Meanwhile, later dudes

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