Sunday, September 12, 2010

Christmas Tag 12/06

I have been tagged by Beth to post three Christmas blessings.

They are really easy to think of and I am grateful for the privilege of doing this.

The three blessings will be written here. Among the blessings was having a supervisor who is also a Christian. This was important to me anyway but, for the past four years, we were always on midnight shifts during the entire Christmas week. This would be the first year we would be getting off Christmas morning (0700 hrs.) and were I still working there, I could have spent Christmas with my family till my eyes could stay open no longer. Since he, the supervisor is a Christian as were several other of the supervisors (one is a Minister in "real" life) in the Field, we five had our own Christmas service...right there in our workplace at 2330 hrs. Christmas Eve. Not politically correct, was it? But only we essential personnel were there in the Complex. It is a 7/24/365 sort of place.

Having that supervisor and having a service ourselves are two major Christmas blessings that lasted all year long as the warm memories and fellowship that entailed are precious gems.

The other Christmas blessing was and is having the time with my Children...usually afterward or week before the actual day of Christmas. They have always had to deal with my 12 hr. rotation shift work and are used to it but that did not take away my sadness when I had to miss that actual day with them as well as birthdays and other special occasions. I had those days with my shift family. But then, OUR Christmas came and it was a day we were all together again with the joy of the day in our minds and hearts.

I would like to tag Vivian,Catholic Mom and Joisey.

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