Sunday, September 12, 2010

Curses..Foiled Again 12/06

Well, it's true. Refrigerators really don't clean themselves. It's like the Santa myth, ultimate disappointment!...someone tells you they do and voila! They don't after all.

I told a blogging friend this morning that my horrible schedule used to serve as an excuse not to take everything out and give it a thorough drubbing. It served in MY mind, anyway. But alas..I no longer have that schedule and the refrigerator was still yucky. I tried ignoring it for months longer but unfortunately that didn't work as well as it used to when I wasn't here. And when I was, who cooked? So, this morning after another sort of drubbing i.e. the treadmill, I got out my chef's apron, put it on and got the kitchen sink's water good and hot. Turned off the fridge and went to it. It's looks so good if I had a before picture I'd post before and after. (No, really I wouldn't. I would hate anyone to have seen it.) I was offered my choice of home made cheesecake or my personal fave...Boston Cream Pie if I would do hers as well. Jury is still out on that.

So, that having been done as well as the exercise I headed out to get...sigh...vacuum cleaner bags. That has been my excitement thus far. I am trying to get up the nerve to go out with a cloth and some cleaner and get the who-knows-what off the siding there where the central heat/air pump etc is located. Looks turrible! (I spelled it that way on purpose because that is how I say it generally)

I need to vacuum before I do that however so as to get the cat's belongings back where she wants them (toys) and so I can enjoy a great looking carpet for an hour. It tracks and it is very light so I see her and my prints on it immediately.

As soon as I log off I am calling Co-mc-ast and see what is available for me. The on-going saga of "can I connect or can't I"? Brought to you by Ma Be!!.  This is an update at 1431 hrs.  It's a done deal.  High speed internet.  Appointment on 12/18 in the afternoon.

It is 52 degrees out there and sunny. I am going to have to hook up the hose in front and water my pansies. They are looking worn and haggard. Rather the way I used to look before I quit where I worked. We have not had rain in a while and they are dehydrated.

May as well get cracking. Thanks Cindy for making me heed the siren call of yon treadmill.


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  1. The fridge is my most dreaded job as well, all that stooping and reaching, but then afterwards it looks sooo good.