Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fun Day Today

I was pleased to have the oldest here last night and thru today and also the youngest came over early as well.  I was able to make breakfast for both and they had the usual..bacon and eggs..someone small came out for a shard of bacon.  She got it.

I baked myself a cake as I mentioned.  They took home very generous pieces plus ate a very generous amount here.  Goodness that icing was good,

My Twin, Beth sent me a beautiful Willow sculpture of a praying angel.  I have it showcased with my other Willow angels.  My Sis Caroldee  sent me three gorgeous bracelets with all my fave colors (she let me choose!) I have worn them almost every day since they arrived and today as well.  My youngest, the one who is responsible for my interest in photography gifted me with a new lens for my Nikon.  a 50mm f/1.8D.  That is something I am realllly going to have to get used to.  I took off (of course) the 18-200 and attached this one. Man alive..I was so unused to the relative lightness after hefting around the longer and certainly heavier lens.  My son said this lens doesn't have a zoom.  You zoom with your feets!  Wink I am trying to get used to the manual focus it requires and it's a learning curve.  However my usual low light here in the house???  It will largely be cured.  I took some pics of Miss Catt at  f /1.8 and the ISO was 1600.  No flash.  I hardly ever see the on board flash engage. oldest gifted me with a book that he enjoyed so much that he bought a second for me as we are like minded in many regards.  My middle boy send a Discover card which, soon as I use it (gift card) I will take a picture of it for you.  It does not have my name on it.  You'll see and it is quite usable along with the Starbucks. A woman friend gave me a bracelet with beautiful blue stones in it.  I will get a good coffee when I leave the Salon tomorrow. I got many good wishes from our blog family here, on Blogspot and Face Book and in emails and ecards for which I am truly grateful.  Red heartRed heartRed heart

Love all of you bunches and I never want to see what it's like not to have you close to heart and hand.


  1. I'm so glad you had a great day Carole, you deserve it! Lovely has a lens or two like the one you describe where her own movement provides the zoom...heh, I can't imagine that frankly. I hope you have many good days to come...why not go ahead and have a wonderful year while you're at it!

  2. I am very glad that you had such a wonderful day. Isn't family wonderful??
    I toasted you this evening with a strawberry milkshake from Mickey D's. How was your diet coke?

  3. So happy you had such a wonderful day with your family. Gifts and greetings are always fun too.

  4. You're on Facebook!!! I'll ask around and friend you. Glad you had a good birthday and that's yesterday's blog made you laugh.

  5. Makes me so happy you had a good day :)

  6. Oh Carole, sounds like you had a wonderful day and weekend. That sounds like an great lens. Love the aperature on it. Looking forward to al the new pic's you capture with it.
    Have a great night and week ahead.
    Say hello to Ms. Cat for me.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  7. Now I know who your twin is I knew it was Beth's BD as I get an alert but didn't have yours. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Have fun with you new lens.. Hugs Carrie

  8. Im finally wading my way thought all your archives . Carole congrats on the new lens. You will have it mastered in no time. Keep it up and keep on going. Read read . Thats what I do when I m stuck with something. And yes I have had the problem of getting used to a new lens many times over. Its can be . So when it is just walk away for a bit.
    You sound like you had a wonderful time. I m guessing I missed your BD . Sorry for that one.
    Happy BD. Im not on FB much and with family more these days. Cooking for the crew and taking photos inbetween. Forgive me for now being here.
    I know family is first with you always too.
    I feel like Im loosing touch with some of you because of life and that is not not not a good feeling
    .Was it your BD. I never go and snoop around walls on FB so I dont know.
    Anyways... Have a nice day
    Much Love