Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gee Whiz 12/06

OK. What is this mania for coming to a complete and I mean total stop when preparing to make a right turn? What would anyone want to come to a total stop...right there in the road, and then in a leisurely manner, make the turn. Oh, one good thing though...turn signals are generally on...and on...and on...and on...all the way to their destination (and of course, you are most always stuck behind this person all the way to their destination. It's a form of hell I guess that we endure while still on the earth. (kidding).

Another question for your delectation. Why would said individual stop at each and every intersection? Why? No stop signs to be seen for a long long way..but this individual stopped at each intersection before advancing again at a sedate 13-15 mph. No exaggeration.

I crawled along behind (narrow 2 lane residential street and uphill all the way to my house) and thought "Oh well, at least I won't get a speeding ticket". "Well, at least if a child or a pet runs out in front of me..I can easily stop as I almost am at a halt as it is." I wished I had nail polish so I could do my nails as I glided along at a blistering 8 mph. No, it wasn't on purpose up in front of me. I have seen this same individual before. And there is usually a choo-choo train of us behind said person. That's just they way they drive.

Anyway, I tried avoiding the treadmill this morning by writing personal emails till I lost my connection and couldn't get it back. But as I said the other day, there it was..implacable. Waiting. And I had to go on and face getting up on there. As always, feel a lot better for having done it. It has made a big difference in my ordinary getting around. My former shift schedule was so horrendous there was no way in the world I could exercise at all. Now I can. And I can't let an opportunity go by and not take advantage of it. Besides, number 3 son said he is taking us all to Frozen Head and we'd better be ready for some hiking. So I am doing my best to be ready and not hold us up too badly. Did I tell you about us all going to the Cumberland Mountains in the Summer (near by) and going to where the three States join corners? TN. KY. and VA? There we were, sweating horribly, gasping after having dragged our sorry butts up to the pinnacle and when done with picture taking and so on...the grandson was gone in a flash and actually looking at his watch!!!!! YES! His watch!!! nat the bottom of the trail, asking what took us so long when we got to the bottom of the trail. That was hilarious though he had no idea he was being funny! My sons are young and they were moving kinda slow. The only lively one was the 9 yr. old!!!

I have to go on back to work I guess. Starting to get bored. Besides, I happened to have found just the right colors to wear today and having a hair day and need to show off! So I have been out collecting the fella's glances. :-) Time to find something worthwhile to do. No joke.

Have the best of days...don't let petty annoyances bother you the way I allowed them to this morning. Life is far too short to do that. I'm over it and thought to share it in the blog.


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