Tuesday, September 28, 2010

He Made Me An Offer I Couldn't Refuse Jan '07

Picture it. Here I am headed to 3rd son's house in The Big City when I saw him on the side of the roadway downtown. I have picked him up quite a few times and it was (and still is) colder'n wiz here today plus the wind is about 22 mph all day (as well as tonight, by the way). Cold front coming with freezing rain and snow by Thursday. But I digress. There he was, on the side of the road..a good 7 miles from where he lives. I sighed and I stopped..unlocked the door and beckoned him into the car. I couldn't take a chance on no one stopping and so it was worth it to me to do so even if I was headed 17 miles away.

Before you reach out and try to teach me a lesson, and some of you may already know who this is..it's my 86 year old gentleman who lives way on up the street from me. He walks to downtown or wherever he needs to go and hitches back.

So, he held my purse since "Mildred always puts her purse on my lap" he said of his wife when they drive anywhere, as we, he and I, glided on up the hills to his house, well past my place.

What offer, you may be asking, was I referring to? Well, John C. is a member still, of the Smoky Mountain Hiking Club and by golly, that feller gets out and hikes!!! 86 and he is still a hiker!!! And I whine about the treadmill! Offer...Oh, OK. His offer was we, the two of us or whomever we gather will hike the North Trail here in the town I live. My sons know where part of that trail is...they saw it each time they started their paper route up there on you-know-what Ln. So, I happen to think that is a great idea. I remember doing it as a young mother with some friends..and believe me, it ain't easy. Remember, I have always told you this place is extremely hilly and they don't call where he and I would start out "Skyline" for nothing!!!

So, I am letting him be an inspiration to me and he'll out -do me for a little while. As daddy used to tell me and my brothers "It'll do you good and help you besides!" anytime he made us do a tasking, I will be thinking of that as I gasp my way through the Trail. I am looking forward to it. I'll wear my combat boots as I have nothing else suitable and there are snakes galore on the Trail..so not wearing light shoes.

Thought I'd tell you I picked up a hitch hiker..he even has my phone numbers! He's a cool old dude..believe me. I am sure Mildred won't mind.

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