Sunday, September 19, 2010

Here's What I'm Fixin' to Do.

Going to bite the bullet and get the living room painted now.  I'm very pleased with the kitchen still and what with my brother passing on, the trip up there, and hurting my ankle and knee..catching this cussed cold or whatever it is, I  am only just now calling the man who will paint. 

I unearthed a silk pin tucked little occasional pillow that was under the BED of all places.  The color is rather a maize color.  The walls in the living room will be a heavy cream as is the rest of the house.  BUT I have made the decision to make one wall..the one with the big window and deck door, the color of that unearthed little pillow.  So I head to the paint store with the pillow to have it color matched and to get another gallon of cashmere..the name of the paint I used before.  I think it will be nice and I will put in a picture when it's al done.  Of course taking photos anywhere inside this house is a burden because it is like a cave in dark despite lights on because I live in the middle of a forest.  Those who know mw and have seen my videos and pictures outside know that's true.

That's my news... now to watch a re-play of that pitiful game of us against them yesterday where we lost roundly and then, the Coach's hour. (((HUGS)))


  1. The paint sounds very nice. The color Im sure will be beautiful.Cashmere sounds so nice . That the color of my car inside. When I think back to the mess I was in I will keep you in my prayers as I know you have everything just so.
    Have a wonderful night Carole.

  2. Newly painted walls is so fresh an pleasing. Your colors are good to lighten up a cave, lol. I never thought about the forest darkening the inside. Jist maybe the cold is an allergy (?) Fall seems to bring sniffles and allergies. Take care and you are in my thoughts my friend.

  3. I'm actually really into earthy tones. They've been the rage around here in fact a new built home that was on the parade of homes recently used this and I love it. Our home is a very light home and uses tones similar to what you're talking about (I think). I have had a lot of homes that were white...ugh, this is so much better and actually positively effects my moods. I hope it all works out for you Carole!

  4. Be bold with your life! Paint the whole room the color of the pillow.

  5. Your has been a busy life for ups and downs... pretty much finish now for a good ways.
    I like the neutral color paint in inside house.
    Please take care,

  6. A newly painted living room sounds your colors, too. I was just looking at ours yesterday thinking we really need fresh paint to spruce things up. Haven't told Garry yet, so don't know what he'll say...especially since he's the painter. :-)

  7. Hope the colors come out like you want them to, all we have here is wallpaper and it is realllly old,what I would give to have new color here..ANY color~Hope you are feeling better Sis,,:)

  8. Hi Twin!! The magical day draws closer when we will each be one year older. :-( I am going back 5 years this time.
    The color of paint sounds very nice. I can't wait to see pictures of your painted room.