Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Ain't Dead 12/06

Gave y'all a break from the blogging! I was too busy and otherwise occupied yesterday and evening to do so.

I have only just come back from breakfast with the guys. Fun being the only woman there. Lots of kisses and hugs. It's my shift family I left at the end of September. They invited me to breakfast after the midnight shifts just the way we always do (did, for me, as I am not there any longer). It was super great to see them again and wonderful to have their company. One of the bosses of the electrical maintenance crew took me home with him to see the completely refinished basement of their (huge) home. Beautifully done. He's a hunter and has many of his best and most points deer mounted on the wall and his fish also..and turkeys (wild) Pheasants and so on and so on.  He has his gun room, his 'fletchering' things for when bow and arrow season comes.  One of my electrician friends said " Carole, if he says 'Carole, stick your head into this hole here' then beware..we'll find YOU on the wall next time. I'll call this afternoon and you give the secret password so I will know you're OK and not up on that wall!" They have a beautiful home and he did a stunning job all by himself making that huge basement area a show place.

I have oldest here and I'll head on back to his place here in a while. He is taking the desktop with him so as to take stuff from its HD and port it to this computer's HD before we wipe it, reinstall the operating system and then, I am giving it, the desk top, to a girl friend.

My best task will be to make her understand NOT...NOT to let this one get eaten up with spyware as she did her own now defunct. It will have certain freeware things installed that are excellent all ready for her. Zone Alarm, AdAware, and so on. I will personally make a "MUST DO" for her so she won't forget to take care of it.

I loved getting up at 0500! Probably because I knew I'd see the guys. What a pleasure and Steve was good enough to buy my breakfast.

Anyway, no treadmill as yet..too busy. After I return from The Big City nearby, I will clean house thoroughly and then, maybe, get on the treadmill. Later guys. Been around to see half of you and the rest in a while.

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