Thursday, September 16, 2010

If you see an email asking for money, it isn't me!

Several of my dear blog family friends have had emails go out seemingly from their Hotmail accounts to those on their friends lists asking for money. The email that's sent out to the victims is down right comical in a way..saying hi & and how are ya- and sorry I didn't tell you I was going to (whatever foreign place it is) and please send money. Like..a perfect stranger to me should tell me they are going to wherever..apologize for it and then ask for a loan. yeah..sure I'll fall for that..the lame dumb heads!

As far as I know, no stupid email has gone out using my hotmail name. But if it does, please ignore and delete. I promise you I have quite enough to get along and I'd never approach a stranger.

I am draining like a full on faucet..bought two more boxes of tissues to accommodate that and my throat is less sore, however quite scratchy. This will run its course. But thank you for the smiles and for the good wishes. Some of you know I have an able nursie. We will get thru this together. I just wish she wouldn't leave when I sneeze more than once. If I get one of those frequent 12 or 13 in a row.,.she's outta there.


  1. I got one of those emails from a friend. I had seen her 20 minutes before and her email claimed she was in Asia or Africa, I don't remember which. The phishers should do a better job is figuring out who's where when.

  2. Stuff like that never fools me. Asking for account numbers or passwords or money...all red flags and all on the way to the recycle bin. Sorry you've been ill. I feel your pain like I said. I had a fever that put me out of the loop and a terrible sore throat...the eyes burning...the whole ball of wax and a messed up stomach to boot but as quick as it came it mostly passed thankfully. Have a great day Carole!

  3. I got one of those emails just yesterday. Deleted it immediately.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Very Pretty,, and I did get an email. Thats how I had a space hacked on my end at few years ago.There is more to come becareful. As for my space its gone and wont be back at all to LS as are all my contacts.
    Have a great night and I have a cold now and pass the Kelnex ..A few boxes if you have extra.
    My eyes even hurt. Sorry to whine but that what sisters are for.

  5. Number one.. The new Photo is breathtaking! I love it!!! Number two.. you are so right about those e mails and by golly I hope none get hacked of MINE! Number three.. hope you got those cushy kleenex with the aloe in them. They are wonderful for the red little nose. Get well soon Sis.. no way you gonna spend your birthday sick!! : )

  6. As a result of sneezing and nose blowing, you might have a real tender nose. My doctor advised for me to put some neosporine on a Q-tip and rub it up into the nose.

  7. Carole I sure hope you are feeling better real soon.
    Love your photo. She is a Beauty.
    I have had two e-mails sent to me within a 24hr.period, and the one looked so authentic as if it were from WLS Team.I have since put my space on private.
    Well you and Miss Cat take care and hope you are soon back to normal.
    Hugs Dianne :)

  8. opened your page & exclaimed "Oh my!" Beautiful flower up there!