Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Many Happy Returns Jan '07

Nope. No one's birthday and I ain't takin' nothin' back! BUT I did return to the Mall in which Penn-ey's is now touting 75% off! I walked through the store as if I were on fire and hoping the air of my passage would put it out; made it thru to the exit and was in the hall before I knew it. There I put on the earphones and iPod and hit the walkway. I had done 20 minutes on my new treadmill this morning here at the house..couldn't stand it, and got dressed and headed out.

Did a LOT fitness wise at the Mall this morning as I did yesterday morning and the day before. No, I am not talking about buying , you meanie! I mean distance and time. So fast a pace I actually have the beginnings of shin splints.

I admit to giving some thought to camo sweat pants I had seen on my way out of the Mall (the so-called yoga style) but left the area!!I reminded myself I have the real thing in pants and shirts and jackets..why buy fake? Though that did not stop me from buying a cute cap (women's) that was newsboy style, and camo pattern. But that was before Christmas.

So, the Mall and my wallet are unscathed. That is the end of the continuing saga of " what will she buy next!?" I have looked the store over and nothing else interests me.

I will spend a little time stretching my legs. They are compact muscular little short things and need to be stretched before I get into some real pain. I have an engagement at 1630 today and tomorrow will be filled, particularly the evening..so I have to get done what needs to be done before than.

I have been around to see you...hope to see you here. Have some soup. Still have a couple bowlsful left. Good, too.

P.S. While picking up another local newspaper for me and some for the family (my 3rd son took the picture featured in living color on the front page! Proud Mom wanted to get a few papers for us) I stopped in a gift shop and while there looked at the stuffed Beanie Babies and some Japanese stuffed toys as well. They had a shark. He is about 6 inches long..and he has an open mouth,,not too far..but guess what his teeth are??? Rickrack! Oh I LOVE it. I had to have him. A shark with rickrack teeth!!!!! Is that not wonderful!!!???

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