Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Must Be A Law or Something Jan '07

someone hits your vehicle with or without you in it, seems as though many times that "hitter" does not have any insurance. Of course, that's why the rest of us carry (at our expense, of course) uninsured driver coverage. Hardly fair but you know what they say about fair...life ain't.

Nothing has happened to me in recent times, but it has happened to the family from time to time. One son, while a teenager, was sitting at a traffic light and some moron plowed right into him from behind. The other guy must have been going pretty darn good too as my son wound up with two black eyes from the impact and some fancy bruising from the seat belt he was wearing. Didn't do the back of his vehicle which he paid for himself much good, either!! Of course the other guy did not have insurance. (Quel suprise!) It was an old car, so the son couldn't get anything really from insurance (ours) and that left US with having to secure another vehicle for him. At our expense of course! Then there was the time when a son was visiting me, and his new car was parked across the street (so I could get out at 0430 to go to work) and, of course, some silly young woman came careening down the hill too close to the line of vehicles, and wham! right into the left rear side of my son's new car! Did she have insurance??? Of course not! My son's insurance had to bear the burden.

Those are just two examples of being victimized by people who have no sense of responsibility. There is no excuse whatsoever for driving and driving carelessly at that, without insurance. We who have insurance must draw on our insurance companies to pay for the accidents we didn't cause. No, that doesn't go against us (I don't think...you never know these days!) but it's a claim nonetheless and the (your) insurance company pays it..which in turn passes the 'gift' back to us all (we consumers) in the form of higher rates.

I know...there are arguments about insurance companies. There are thoughts and rants about "well, we pay all those high premiums..." etc. etc. etc. I can't and won't get into that. My little rant today is about those who think they have an excuse to go out on the highways and drive without insurance..force us who get victimized by them to have to buy a new car on our own nickel as insurance won't pay a whole lot if the car isn't just off the showroom floor. Forces us to the Dr. with injuries many times..and we wind up paying co- payments...and so on. You know the drill. They, on the other hand get right back in their uninsured car whistling as they go their merry way.


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