Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh, I have been out to the Antique Mall...

Oh no. I got taken to the antique mall in another town, and oh my word...I am the only one who spent money. Fizz, if you read this, I got me a scrap book from the WWll era. It had cut out pictures..scrap book of old-style of movie stars, all the ones that served in the Service and just all kinds of treats that I haven't gotten to yet as I just got home after being gone all day. I am a linen hound I think I confessed before so I could not resist two linen crocheted edged hankies..not antiques but hand crocheted. I got two table toppers too..hand embroidered. I LOVE that stuff. I have done mucho plenty of my own but I can't stop myself. I almost got some tatting but stopped before it was too late.

My small lady that lives here with me scared the hair off my head cause when I came in way after her normal supper time, she didn't greet me, didn't come when called..didn't come no matter how I walked around and called her by name That has never happened ever. I got the flashlight out and saw her twitch her ears under the bed. Thank heavens. She scared me this time. When they're not have to be concerned.

Anyhoo, I had THE best fun this afternoon. Been out walking on my sore ankle too long and I'll probably brace it up for a few hours but it was almost worth it..out in the sun and in the stores. I only spent 23.00 on linens but the scrapbook was $68.00. I regretfully decided against it and when I mentioned it to the salesperson, she went back to the guy who owns that "booth" in the store and he wound up selling it to me for $35.00.

We stopped at McD's and had the argest drink + one refill. We were thirsty! And a sandwich too, I forgot.

Wish you'd been along but you men woulda hated it. The ladies..I think we'd have had fun.

This is a pear from the tree that the mama deer and babies were eating from.



  1. Oh what fun! I'd go nuts in a store like that, love it! Poor Ms Catt. Hope she and your ankle are better.

  2. Sounds like you were in your element sore ankle or not...I'll be glad when that doesn't make you pay for days like that. You know when I first saw your picture I did a double take thinking for a moment in a fit of insanity you took a picture of a mushroom! LOL! Looks like I was the one having the fit...thank God it's a pear or I'd wonder what was going on with you!

  3. As my friend calls them, trash or treasures store. It is getting to be big biz. They are even in many of the small towns here now.

  4. I love antique malls. Each booth is like a treasure hunt. You never know what you'll find. Sounds like you hit the mother lode.

  5. It sounds like so much fun to me. I would have loved it, and the stop at McD's was the icing on the cake.

  6. Sounds like you had a great day and got a good deal on your scrapbook. Way to go, Carole.
    That pear looks good enough to eat. Love the detail. Nice work Carole. :)

  7. Now I love a visit to the antique mall. I don't every buy anything, but I love looking. I have friend who scours all the garage sales in the summer and repairs, fixes up and repaints her findings then sell them to a lot of people that have their booths in these places. I think she has the best job cause half the fun is going out and finding the treasure, but you never have room to keep them so you fix them and up make a tidy profit. I rememver this pare at flickr. Was so good looking I wanted to reach out and take a bite from it.