Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning..oh what a beautiful day

I can't go on and say everything's going my way BUT what an absolutely fabulous two days for weather.  52 degrees at night..low 70's in the day..cloudless blue skies, low's heaven on earth.

Hope that you liked the pear picture I posted last blog.  I took that at my friends home.  It's the pears on the tree where the doe and her fawns were eating.  If you biggify the picture you can see every bit of the detail on the pear.

I may take the camera out and see what I can see.  The berries on the Dogwood are red now but too high up for me to try to get a photo.  It's the pits being a short little stump such as I am.

Going out and hope to come home with something to show you.  ♥


  1. Loved the detail in the pear. Great camera you have. You made me giggle about the reference to a stump.

  2. I forgot to tell you that the pear photo was lovely. I guess I am 4 inches taller than you but I feel as short as a stump too. I have to use the step stool for everything.

  3. P. S. The globe is really neat. It shows me as being in Normal Illinois which is 40 miles to the west of me. Normal is where Illinois State University is located which is where my daughter went.

  4. I'm like the little boy that took the ladder to school..... Teacher asked him what it was for.... little boy replied... so I can get into high school

  5. Our day started with a nasty storm and has been very cold since...only fifty right now. It was hard to see much but the shades of grey today but still it could be worse...snow comes to mind...ugh! Glad you had a great day and hope you have many more to come!