Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the Road Jan '07

Back out to exercise some more. Didn't even bother with the treadmill. I will HAVE to sometimes when the weather is bad or whatever. Just it is galling to have to go slower (till I get used to the angle)

Enjoyed the Mall time and nope..didn't come home with a thing. Hit the grocery store right afterward and could not wait to get home with everything as I was sweaty for the exertion and wanted a shower and a change of clothes. I bought a much needed pair of New Bal-ance shoes however. My shoes I am using for treadmilling or outside are rather worn. Someone mentioned that I may have started hurting some in the shins due to a lack of support and I remembered when I used to run how I had to be careful to change out running shoes every several hundred miles. So, stopped..tried on one of a pair...you can tell where I am going with this..major mistake. Don't be in a hurry. Try on BOTH shoes in the pair. I did the right shoe. Felt fine. I even walked in it for awhile. Got home..tied on both of them and voila! Quel horreur! The left shoe felt like a vise on my left foot! What's more, there is a rough spot that is not sewn well inside the shoe near the great toe, that rubbed. A bad pair, or defective pair rather, of shoes. Back they go tomorrow. What a pain in the neck but...who didn't put them both on in the shoe store? That would be me.

Meanwhile I will search the um...well...um...er...several pairs of shoes on the closet floor..however many that may be..and see if I can come up with another pair to hold me till I find a newer pair. (I am a shoeaholic..reformed)

Supposed to have snow flurries and snow showers tomorrow or tonight perhaps. Should not stop me from coming down my mountain but...you never know. In which case it's me and the treadmill.

Hope you all had a fruitful and good day.

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