Sunday, September 12, 2010

Only She Knows for Sure 12/06

That would be the cat. She has to witness it or not as the case may be...but...I DID get up on the treadmill first thing this morning before breakfast. I did that (did not yesterday) and my little Weights-for -Weenies workout. Shampooed my hair, and waiting to take out the Velcro rollers. Catholicmom made me giggle the first time I saw her page where she has written "way to much information here" and certainly I have just provided way too much information here what with the info regarding choice of roller. (already been thru why I don't use a curling iron, etc.)

But, exercised, shampooed, dressed,  perfumed, made up and ready to roll (soon as the stuff gets folded out of the dryer and oh yes, have to fish with Miss Catt here).

It was 13 degrees when I got up this morning. A whopping 16 now. I had been thinking about doing what Cheryl does and hit the trails. But too cold for that. read: Weenie! that's me!

Have some errands to run, people to see and annoy and so I'm outta here. But at least I leave a clean house. I came home yesterday afternoon and set to it. Had my loud music blaring and a few stops to dance..oh OK. Frequent stops to dance. Did my catch up newspaper reading..watched a wonderful WWll movie on TCM with Gary Cooper..commemoration after all of Pearl Harbor Day yesterday. First time I have ever seen Walter Brennan in anything but re-runs of "The Real McCoy's" as Grampa. He played an Admiral.

Since I didn't have breakfast till 1030 I guess I will stay out after lunch. Come see me. I have been to see you.


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