Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy Monday

We are getting several days of light rain.  Just what we needed and it may help the leaves to start turning color.  Only a few trees have begun.  The Dogwoods are always the first here where I live.  Leaves are falling as are their berries and soon, it will be a bare branched tree.  Where I am, the leaves are 2/3's down by Halloween, and only after Thanksgiving are they mostly all down.  The oaks hold on the longest with maybe a third of their leaves still there looking brown, dried and ugly and rattling in the wind up there a hundred feet up..vowing not to let go and force you to rake again in January.

Got my hair done this morning. Raining like anyone's business when I came out so I didn't go around to do the other things I would like to have done (not time sensitive things) as I wanted to enjoy my hair-do a little longer rather than have the wet wind blowing it and dampening it under the umbrella as I slogged from place to place.  Strictly a female, and probably just me, thing but..there you are.  Never said I wasn't a diva.  AND after paying a Queen's ransom for my hairdo.,.no use wasting the money right at the git-go.

I enjoyed the family and some friends this weekend.  It's wonderful when folks take time out of their day to add to yours.  ♥


  1. The huge tree in my front yard is an oak. I guess I will have to listen to the wind whistling in the leaves for a long time. Trees are starting to turn here. We had the rain yesterday and then it got down to 43 last night and I turned on the furnace. Beautiful sunshine today and high mid 60s.
    I so agree about family. I saw all of mine the past week and it was great.
    Now we are a year older and for some reason I feel it. :-)

  2. Oh shoot, I forgot to tell you how lovely the photo of the tulip is.

  3. Leaves on the walnut tree have been floating down for a few weeks here. It always is the first to do so. The Big Hills across the river should be starting their color. A nice 68 here at the moment but was cold this morning.
    Family and friends are always the best way to spend a weekend.
    I am doing okay Carole. Guess I'm just a really tough old bird.
    Beth is right, that tulip is lovely. My Black Cherry roses are still blooming.

  4. Everything is in bloom here . Its amazing to see the colors Carole. They really give energy and make you see how awesome God is with the Seasons he created for us all.
    Just stopping fast. You have been on my mind.
    Will catch up on all I have missed soon.
    Lovely Lovely Photo.

    I cant not get a flickr gadget to work. So it goes .
    Lisa xo

  5. It's a golden glow all around up here. The leaves are changing and falling fast. It's super pretty this year. Rain really makes a difference and I hope it gets more beautiful around you this year with all the rain & heat you had this year.

  6. Thank You my ♥ Sister.
    Much Love

  7. Very colorful tulip. Nice photo. Glad you had a really nice weekend. Nothing worse than leaving a salon in the rain ;-/ Different colors of green here or brown an on the ground. My maple is just starting to turn red ah tad.

  8. beautiful tulip...
    it's nice to look forward to that as winter is approaching.

  9. It's feeling like summer and looking like fall here...I actually love it and only wish I could get out and get some pictures however there's now no more time for that. Did you see that people are being pushed out of WLS to Wordpress now? Yikes, what a debacle.

  10. Some of our trees are bare and some still are full with green leaves. But the color is so alive and I have managed to keep my flowers in pots alive and blooming still. Love your beautiful tulip.. Hugs Carrie