Sunday, September 12, 2010

Treadmill? What Treadmill? There's a Treadmill? 12/06

Sitting here doing a good job of avoiding the treadmill.  I got up  out of this chair a few minutes ago and made my bed, washed the few breakfast dishes, put on shorts and tank and now sitting  back in here doing this! I will get on it..just this short delaying tactic first.
Had a great evening eating out last night and just as great after that.  Lots of fun.
I was telling my family yesterday that I may have to bite the bullet after all on high-speed cable Internet.  My reliable dial up provider is shucking off people like me.  Oh, they are still supporting us, we dial-up folks, but they won't take any more on and are kind of glad when we go away.  So, I took myself to Ma Be!!, you know who I mean.  Man, I never KNEW what bad service was till I got Ma's service for dial-up.  Most times I get the recorded message " We're sorry, all circuits are busy now".  Luckily I still have connection with my other provider..they haven't cut me off yet (I don't care of I have to  pay  for both for a month or not) as without them,  my former provider, I don't have any service at all. I connect with Ma in the early times of the day like this and sporadically thru the daytimes..seldom at night and no, there is no other number to have the modem dial.  I hate spending that 60 dollars a month for high speed that I don't need..but a reliable  connection is apparently not to be had without it.  I tried to get Earth*ink but their website has some sort of error and would not let me get signed up. 
It is another beautiful sunny day out there.  Been in the very low teens in temps morning times with highs in the 30's.  Today I think it will struggle up to 50.
That treadmill is still there...isn't it?

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