Sunday, September 12, 2010

Unusual for me 12/06

Guess I won't be my usual chirpy self.  Not as much.  I seem to have finally fallen somewhat a victim of whatever it is.

A good friend and I were out the other evening and had dinner.  May be that the friend's illness was not over sufficiently and I may have "caught" it.  I have had the past several days a drip and tickle back of the throat and now a dry hacking cough just enough to be annoying along with the requisite slight headache and a stomach that feels faintly not OK.

If this is just the beginning, I hope it doesn't feel obligated to continue on to a full blown case of whatever.
If I have something it is my own fault for going out with someone who still had symptoms.  Nonetheless time will tell me.

I am hoping for another car this weekend.  I found some that I like.  Scratch that. I found ONE that I like.  Hope it is still there as I need to ask a man along to keep me from being taken too severely to the cleaners.  I am not good at dickering.  Detest that... and that is one reason I went to Saturn to begin with as they do not dicker.  What they say is what you pay.  End of discussion.  But this time I am looking at Toy*ta.  I am afraid one must dicker.  Some folks like that..some are good at it.  I am neither good at it nor do I like to do it.

Today it got up to an unseasonable 64 degrees for pity sake.  Had I felt better I would have headed off to the lake again.  Just not quite up to my usual degree of feeling super.

Apparently I am just whining today so I will stop.


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