Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Vageries of Owning Pets 12/06

And then, speaking of cats, you got yer cat who loves your Pant-ene shampoo and conditioner and lets you KNOW this fact.

As Sophia used to say in the re-runs of Golden Girls..."picture this"!! It's 0138 hrs. and I am sound asleep. How do I know it is 0138 hrs. then? Why, I looked at the bedside clock. And I did that because? Miss Catt was in bed of course but had crept up to my head. That's not unusual at's how we fall asleep. However, she noticed that I had shampooed before bed and the siren call..the clear beckoning call of the Pant-ene scent...overcame her better judgment and she caved immediately. She walked into my spread out hair. OK. Fine. But then she was compelled to rub her cheeks and chin (scenting glands) on it. After thoroughly scenting me and being scented..her finale I thought was that she rolled in my hair. That not withstanding, she rubbed her cheeks in it again. Finally, after I looked at the clock, she settled. I thought.

I laid there patiently, eyes closed expectantly in the dark. And then, a paw was patting my forehead. Soft as thistledown..velvet as the most expensive fabric...warm as love. And she was purring. I laid there a while longer and then reached up and turned on the light. Thought she might want to stay but she came with me. No doubt hoping for (and attaining) an after midnight snack. We stayed up for two hours. At 0330 I went to bed again, read for 45 minutes and fell asleep with her off to the side. Sigh.

I do believe I am on the edge of writing one of my blog "books" again. Since it's about my pet..I'll let 'cha off the hook and quit.


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