Monday, September 6, 2010


Victoria and I headed out again this early morning.  We went yesterday too but the light was terrible so we headed out this morning and tried again with moderately more success. 

The really beautiful summer things are gone, and just the more common and more plain flowers are available and few of those.  So I concentrated a bit more on green while we still have it.

I dosed up really well with insect repellent and headed to the parkland and ticks and chiggers, mosquitoes and a few waning tired bees.  I spent perhaps an hour in one spot...had to heed the call of Nature so I came home and have intentions of going out again when the light is again less harsh in the late afternoon.  I saw some red and yellow Gerbera (what many call 'Gerber') daisy plants and tried to take a picture at 1430 hrs. That is NEVER ever going to work.  The sun was so bright it blew out the red and yellow of the flowers.  I knew it would .  I looked at one  capture and deleted it as I knew it needed to be done it was so over exposed.  It was silly to even attempt that.  I can't hold a diffuser in one hand and handle a large camera in another.  So I have to wait for shade or a better time of day.

Some is in there asleep.  I have her fave red fleece blankie (mine) on the bed due to cool nights now.  I'll add hers to it soon.

Just checking in...♥


  1. Hi Carole, Hope you had a good day and got back out there to capture the late afternoon sun. Much better lighting for sure. I have been feeling a little under the weather so haven't been doing anything the last couple of days. Well you take care.
    xx's Dianne :)

  2. I will be looking forward to more photos soon!

  3. Yep, early mornings are my favorite time of the day for photography....but, I've just been too bushed lately to get my honery butt out of bed to go shoot anything!

  4. I was over at flikr and loved your bee. Just checking on you frome time to time and letting you know Im thinking about you..♥ .♥ .♥