Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What a Great Day Jan '07

Of course every day is a great day! But this one has been fun. One, I did no fitness at all except weights. No walking, trotting..nothing. Shins still hurt but they had better get over it tomorrow, as they are hitting the road again, then.

Just came back from the afternoon and dinner out and had a great time. We were, the two of us (women) hitting the shops in a rather foo foo Mall in The Big City. I tried on several items. A denim mandarin collared cropped jacket. Oh it fit GREAT! $60.00 so I carried it around and eventually hung it back up as I was headed to Old Na-vy next! LOVE that place!! Didn't want to spend 60 needless dollars on that cute jacket if Old Na-vy had anything better. They didn't as far as tops and jackets were concerned but oh wow, they sure had some camo roll-up pants. What can I do but snap a pair up? Cute too. Can you believe, a little buckle in the back? However I did not go back for the denim cropped jacket bad as I would love to have had it. One...I don't need another jacket no matter how cute. Two... I bought a buttery soft leather one in Charlotte not 2 weeks ago; not to forget the white cropped jacket I DID get on sale at Penn-eys a couple days ago while in the Mall here. So, we escaped with just the one pr. of camo pants for me, nothing for her...and those pants are already rolled and waiting on me tomorrow when I go out. And wow did we have a great dinner. We went to some place called whatever...forgot the name, Cafe. I wasn't impressed till I got in there..saw the place ( rather nice~!) and the food is to die for. We needed wheel barrows for our bellies.

Meanwhile when I came home, the cat rolled off the recliner to ask where the heck I had been all those hours...she was even checking her watch. So, I fed her, turned on all the lights for us both and asked her to remember that I went out today long before I left and got her a new taller scratching post..the rope kind she likes..at $30.00. She probably was thinking "who asked ya to?"

Now, my proud mom news headline. Not only was 3rd son's picture he took (it's a hobby of his) featured on the front page of the newspaper BUT second son is now officially a Fulbright Scholar. He requested Prague or Hungary or the United Kingdom. First son brought my poetry and short stories back from the ether dead from a scrapped 3 yr. old computer by using, besides his huge knowledge, a product called DNA. I am back in business!! No one but him could have or would have...guaranteed.

Hope you all have had as great a day as we have had. You deserve to.

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