Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whoa Nelly 12/06

When I woke up at 0630 the wind here was 53 mph. It, the wind, still is in the high 40's and low 50's. It's that cold front coming through from the mid west. Temps are dropping thru the day. It was a record 73 when I got up believe it or not. It is 61 now and expected to be 37 at 1700. I will attempt a picture of what I have blogged on many times..the forest that surrounds my house (and the rest of the houses on the street) and mention again that these trees are stories tall. Not like 50 feet..they are TALL and they fall down and go boom. It is always a concern when they are swaying out there. And you guys out there in the blog family have to know how horribly expensive it is to have even one cut down. Having those giants trimmed is almost, not quite though, as bad.

Middle son is going through the last of the process to be a Fulbright Scholar. He has an interview at UNC Saturday at 0900. Please keep good thoughts in mind for him? If he gets it he and his son will go to Prague.

I tried to thwart a squirrel yesterday. That sorry sucker was hanging by his toes! yes, toes!!!! from a branch and reaching into the feeding ports of my newly hung up bird feeder. (D200 guy on my links is another son who takes some great wildlife photos and he brought the feeder. Think he is creating more photo ops for himself? Raise your hand if you say yes! AH! Everyone's hand is up!!) Anyway, he torqued my jaw..the squirrel, not my son, so much I just went out there and took the feeder down. Then what happened you ask? Why his weight The squirrel's, not my son's !!) had almost separated the two pieces hence when I got in the house, of course, they came apart and sunflower hearts all inside my laundry basket. That it was not all over the floor was the sole blessing (but not an inconsiderable one, for sure).

I went out and bought a squirrel proof feeder whereupon when he gets on it..his weight will close the ports. Youngest son, D200guy HAS this same feeder and it works for him. I will let the world know it it works. He has several cool Cooper's Hawk shots. Taken right in his front yard in his Silver Maple tree.

I have to return the iron hook that clamps onto one's deck rail for holding feeders. I forgot when I bought it that I have a custom made deck...hence custom made rails and the dang thing won't fit! Curses. What we go through for the birds!

Still treadmilling. Did so this morning while looking out to the swaying tall trees. Man. I will see if in awhile I can find a picture of the house across the street whose huge oak fell onto the house cleaving it, the house, in two. We had something, a weather phenom called a Durecho. The winds were in excess of 90 mph and it was March. I was lucky that time. There were many who were not. Trees down all over town. This town is an arborist's dream. But a homeowners nightmare. Pretty though.

Let's see if I can get the photo of my back yard in. You will see the fence but that is just to keep the worst of it down. There is half an acre of forest that belong just to me. Sigh.


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