Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ah! And Also... 4/07

I also look smashing in black (as does every one else!!!) (yesterday's blog)

But, what I was going to say is, I was trapped on the treadmill this morning. Once I get up there, unless the house is on fire and the flames are also licking at my calves, I am NOT getting off for anything. Both things have to happen at the same time. House on fire and flames at my legs. The phone may ring..someone may knock on the door... let 'em. I don't care. Chances are if I get off for something, I will not be getting back on again unless less than a minute have elapsed.

But, I was on the ' iPod this time (didn't want to stop and go get it and re-start) and the TV was on. I keep it on mostly for noise for the pet and her channels are the Weather Channel & CNN (what a biased "news" network) (I am concerned for her Moderate stance, I'll tell you) AND back to the point after these several dog legs (should I say 'cat legs'?) the channel was still on CBS. Montel Williams had come on. Usually I mentally tune that stuff out. But this time, I got off and turned it UP so I could hear it. It was about per-verts putting hidden cameras in YOUR home, their homes...public places (bathrooms, dressing rooms etc) etc. Hotels and so on..motels, and recording YOU in your private moments. We have read or heard about this but seeing these poor victims was heart rending. There was an FBI person on who gave us some ideas how to defend ourselves. She for one said she never checks into a hotel room w/o sweeping it for hidden cameras and other recording devices. She gave the name of a spy shop (cannot think of the proper terminology, sorry) to go to for devices to buy so that you can do the same for yourself.

I have always been aware of this and detest going to public bathrooms though occasionally I do. I hate to go to hotels but I must occasionally. Due to the disgusting things the real news teams have uncovered that are hidden from the casual eye...uncleanliness..let me leave it at that....I have purchased my own silk sleep sack and pillow to put on top of any hotel ware. I won't let my bare feet touch the floor either. Think I'm nuts? No, I'm not. If you are not aware of the bodily fluids, and so on in your mattress, on your pillow, on the bedspreads, on the floors, etc. then you had better do some research. They (news) started these exposes by shining a black light on surfaces, pillows, etc and then analyzing what the stains are. In a word.."EW"!  That's not to mention bedbugs!!!!!!!!!!  Hiding UNDER the mattress to come out when you go to sleep.

Meanwhile, I digressed again somewhat. We know that theft control allows some stores to watch us while we try on clothes...but some unscrupulous persons leave their OWN devices and then come back for them. Just be aware.

Well, that bummed ME out. So now that I have written of this unpleasantness, I'll move on. The cat finally walked up the 3 steps to get in my lap here at the computer. No sliced and diced legs today! :-) I kissed her head so many times that after several minutes of enduring those (probably one every 10 seconds or so) she bit my hand a little as a warning. I wish *I* had tried that with the fellers I have known! It works. I backed right off!
Have a happy!

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