Thursday, October 21, 2010

Airlines 8/2007

What is really up with the airlines this past year?  Why are there delays every day...hours and hours long?  Why do they insist on keeping people more or less prisoner on the tarmac instead of taxi-ing back to the gate and letting the passenger wait in some relative comfort in the terminal? Why keep them for hours and hours in the plane.  Hot, hungry, needing the bathroom, bored, children in distress.  YOU in distress.  How dare they really? That is unreasonable holding. 

That which they say about not knowing how long it will be..or that it would take X amount of time to re-board   is a bunch of bunkum and those who say it should be thrown on the aircraft and be made to suffer the same consequences they inflict on others.  How dare they?  Really. 

There is hardly a flight that goes by, round trip that you can make it on time.  Now I admit that is just an uneducated guess on my part.  I am simply extrapolating from what I have experienced myself, my family members have experienced..bloggers, and what I read in the newspapers and hear about on the TV news.

And folks, the airline industry just don't CARE!! They hold you a virtual prisoner and tough beans for YOU.

They plea antiquated Terminals, antiquated equipment, not enough Controllers, Controllers that are too tired.
Um...I do believe the airports and airlines make PLENTY of money.  Plenty plenty.  Certainly enough to: Get some new equipment, piece by piece.  Upgrade the by one.  Encourage personnel to train as a Controller by the usual avenues...schools, colleges, ads in mags, TV, radio.  Or better still, the airline industry could stop making excuses for their own ineptitude.  It wasn't this way a few years ago,.  Why is it this way now?  Because they CAN.Airplane

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