Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Alka Seltzer Moments October 20, 2010

WHY do I do this? I know I will pay. But I do it anyway. Today I went out to lunch with a woman friend and after we spent some time running our mouths and all, and we went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. Oh! My! Word! Talk about a delicious lunch. Instead of the appetizer of chicken fingers or such that I usually get with a little side of cole slaw, I gave in to the big menu and so I had their new dinner/supper menu in my hand. I chose the salmon Patty with cheddar mashed potatoes and grilled green beans which are all to die for in a manner of speaking. The salmon patties were grilled and fantastically good. The two sides were too. Oh, was that EVER good.

I was full after 1 patty and most of the potatoes and beans but I persisted anyway because it was so good. Herein my plaint..WHY do I do this to myself-- because the payback is: My Belleh is OVERLOADED and I am a little bit on the indigestion side with salmon scented breath. (Urp) I knew I would suffer and I AM suffering. But like a serial diner..I'll do it again if the food is good. :-)

Here is one of Michael Jordan;s condominiums in Charlotte NC. One of the many he has everywhere in the States. Thought you'd like to see a bit of it.


  1. Sounds like a DElightful day :)

  2. Don't feel bad gf I do it too. I do find though that after doing that, even if I don't really want to, I go for a walk. I must admit I do feel better after my walk and not so full.
    Life is to enjoy not just attend.

  3. I do the same thing knowing full well that I will be in the Tums for a couple of days. And I would do it again. I wonder what the rent on that condo would be. It is an awesome building.

  4. Guilty, guilty, guilty of the same thing. But when the food is so good it just doesn't feel right not consuming it all.

    My thought on the condo. Some people just have too much money.

  5. Ruby Tuesday is mine and Bettye's fave place to pig out and we sure do. Their steaks are something else...yummy and chewing gum helps me digest . The photo never materialized so I can only imagine.

  6. there are moments.... then there are times...

  7. Now that is a cool pic.
    I do the same thing at a restaurant. If it's really good I will make sure I eat all of it. Then I feel like a blimp.

  8. It sound perfectly alright Sis! along as you are enjoyed your healthy lunch.
    I will tell you what I had in my lunch on last Tuesday coming to see me:-)
    xoxox Sis.

  9. Finally saw that huge condo, sure is something .

  10. We have a Ruby Tuesday's at the end of our pier here. Everything is just too good! Like you, I sometimes end up paying the price but after a few Tums, it always seems worth it.

    Glad you liked my photos.... LOVE your animated kitty!!!

  11. Well, I don't know who of us that can claim not to have overdone it once in a while at a nice restaurant. I am so far away from anything normal. I had a spicy soup with goat here...wanna join me?

  12. Plop plop fizz fizz, Oh whatta relief it is! The price we pay for good eats.

  13. Hi Carole, I am just stopping by quickly as I am home for my lunch break. Soup and a sandwich today. Yours sound so good. I love samon patties. Hey don't let miss cat hear you.. she will be displeased that you didn't bring her a Kitty Bag home. I bet she likes salmon too.
    Of course I must confess I would never do that Ha! Ya right. Smile, Smile.
    Glad you had a wonderful time with your friend and dinner as well.Good friends, good food equals a good day. Well I have to head back to work. I have been so busy and have so much catching up to do, and yes get around to getting my WLS blogs over. Hum!!! Are you for hire??? Just kidding, have a great day and now I am off to work.... hi ho! hi ho!
    Hugs and smiles
    Dianne :)