Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alrighty Then 3/07

Alrighty then, I would like to ask this? What ever happened to journalistic neutrality? The simple reporting of the news as it happened and how it happened with no obvious or even worse, subtle slant in the reporting geared toward influencing the audience. Those over 30 will perhaps remember that neutrality in reporting, both in the newspapers and on the air, radio and television, was a must and it was enforced by producers and by advertisers who did not wish to be identified one way or another to a "view." And it was somewhat enforced by the listener/reader/viewer who wrote in regarding unfair or clearly prejudiced toward a view, reporting. This neutrality happened in part so as to allow the audience to form their own view and not be unduly influenced by someone else's opinion.

For some time it has been easily discernible which newscasters are liberal and which are conservative. Except the far left and the far right, we have nothing else. I don't believe we have a moderate any longer. A middle of the road. And it stands out like a flaming brand.

And then, you could get into the freedom of speech thing. The alarming thing is...it would appear that these days if you have something to say, it had better not be disagreeing with the cause of the day...be it politics or humanity. If you exercise your freedom of speech and say something that The Donald, The Man in the Moon, Rosie, Baby Huey, the Golden Retriever next door, former President George Washington, Hodding Carter, & Mickey Mouse don't espouse...it's off to rehab and into the corner you go! And you sure don't collect two hundred dollars. Times have changed.

So..with that I guess I will wish you a good day and head for the Lake.

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