Friday, October 15, 2010

Alrighty Then June 2007

have my hours and days now for the new job. I'll start Thursday, a week from this coming Thursday.

I told him that I have no sales experience and that I am liable to lunge over the counter if I see a guy I like the look of as I am a flirt extraordinare. I think I left him non-plussed but better he know.

Have a luncheon tomorrow, and family this weekend. I am trying to get a menu scraped together. It'll be just us chickens.

Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words regarding my new job. Truly I appreciated those kindnesses. I am hoping that this will be successful. I told the owner that if he didn't find me up to speed after a time, I would not take it badly should he decide to let me go. I'd still be a customer.

Oh..while I was in there I saw some blush pink pearls..about 7 mm each. I have never been a pearl person, but given the right color, I could possibly become one! That would be pink pearls. Freshwater, cultured, doesn't matter. The freshwater pearls are much improved in appearance as opposed to back in the 80's when they started making more serious inroads in the sale of less expensive pearls. Then, they were iridescent gun metal gray and purple and a dingy white and misshapen and sold as THE way to go. Not for me thank you. When they were created with a traditional pearl color, then I became slightly more interested. When the shape became more as we are used to seeing a pearl look..I bought several strands. One was pink.

I have been shopping my closets, meaning looking for outfits to wear. No more jeans. Sigh.

I almost have my 10,000 steps today. Couple hundred more and I'm there. Yippee!

Lastly, bad health-aids news via blogger Larry (see links) [ This is a very interesting report ]

Have a splendid evening. Sleep well and rise to a new day with wonderful possibilities.

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  1. I just read the report on dollar store toothpaste and even it's though it's 2010, we still have to be cautious.