Friday, October 15, 2010

Always Something June 2007

My goodness. If it has not been work, it has been an appointment. I have had a full 6 days so far and just canceled an appointment for in the morning so that I can have some free time just for me, before heading to work Thursday. Friday thru till Monday will be busy. So..tomorrow is mine.

Had a little blood work this morning plus an x-ray of my left foot to see why it hurts so much these several months. It is the metatarsal joint. No inflammation on the x-ray. Just it hurts and who knows why. The flesh is a little swollen on top of my foot since I started carping on about my foot hurting while on the treadmill about three months ago. Hurts on impact, and I guess that is just something I have to stand. Don't know what's going on. I was fasting from 2000 last night till 1100 today not that it killed me... I just thought it would. There were so many people there at the lab for the same reason..blood work. My stomach thought my throat was cut.

They came and mowed the yard while I was gone and replaced 2 of the 3 dead azaleas. Have no idea why he did not bring the third. Forgot, is what happened I daresay. These he planted look dry and tired. I am going to call him. I stood out there and melted while holding the hose and watering them for a while. Hope they live. We are desperately behind in rainfall. A full fledged severe drought.

I have kitty sitting lined up for this weekend. She will just have to wait for me to get home Sunday as her days are Friday and Saturday. I hope she is fed better than the last time. That worried me. Pet sitters are hard to come by in this area. My friend was helping that way but they are busy this weekend with things to do outside of this town. I didn't want to ask. We like to help one another whenever we can. I do know this..there is no one better as far as being a friend. Anyone who will come into this house despite me being laid out with tummy and other problems/virus to see if I am OK or bring me something to drink when I could not move..they have my ever-lasting gratitude and desire to return the favor. And for the first time (I am serious) I was glad to accept the help...that's how sick I was for a day or so). That's when I whined and moaned with the ever lasting months long hard keep-me-up-at-night coughing fits too.

For those 2 who were curious about my sterling roses..I have a picture (best I could do and that isn't too good) in the top most album here in the blog. 

I have been around to everyone in the blog family, or almost, long before I went to the Dr. office early. Hope to see you when you have the opportunity. If not..see you tomorrow. It's my one day to not be a diva and just clean house and catch up on some other things. ( full make up and smelling of Prada!)

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