Thursday, October 21, 2010

And Lot's of it. 8/2007

I just mean running around..lots of it!  Took oldest back to: The Big City.  Then, stopped for fruit buying, then gasoline.  A "mere" $2.62.  Beats the $3.00 thing but still...that was a lot of money, twelve something dollars for just under five gallons of gasoline. Stopped to pick up an alteration on the way home.  When you can't find petite length, and you have a 27 inch inseam, you have to get a lot of slacks/jeans shortened.  I'm not good at hemming those things. 

I fancy I can see a difference in the dogwood today.  Poor guy looks a little less parched.  I let the water run at the base of the dogwood for 50 minutes.  There was no run-off at all.  That's how dry the ground is. 

Tomorrow is the youngest's birthday.  He already has his gift.  Me, his Dad, his other brothers chipped in and got him a wonderful fountain for his yard.  Of course the birds are the ones who will benefit.  That means more pictures!!!  Camera  Some of you have seen them in his blog.

What do you think about Michael Vick??? And while you are thinking about it..should he have been allowed to plea deal?  With that on the table..should anyone be allowed to plea deal?  Under what conditions???  When should you just take the punishment??  And Pete Rose.  Remember that fiasco?  Really, rather than just sports figures I mean any and everyone.  I just used that as an example as it is lately in the news.


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