Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Day Another Dollar 10/07

Well, it has been a good couple of days in that my oldest has been here.  He will head back this morning though I hate to see him leave.  BUT we had meatloaf last night (I do the tomato style..not the oatmeal thing) garlic mashed potatoes and some flat Italian style green beans.  Biscuits, eggs and bacon this morning.  Wonder why he keeps coming backThinking???

My little pet is not herself these past two days and that is a concern.  I will about have to knock her upside the head to get her into the carrier.  Anyone who has read this blog knows it is like fighting the demons of you-know-where to get her into that carrier to go to the Vet.  Nothing works.  I don't want to Vet who comes to the house.  She muzzled the cat for no reason  except her own concerns just in case the last time she was here..and that has made the cat afraid of anyone but me and the 3 boys.  Where before the Vet could come in and pick up the she is terrified. 

I slept very little last night.  Late getting to bed since I was running my mouth and then, the cat kept calling.  her routine was different as the spare bedroom door was closed and some of her toys are in there.  Since my son was asleep in there with the door closed..she couldn't get in to play with her puzzle box. 

So, I have the lack of sleep headache thing going.  After he is gone and I get a couple things done, I may have a small nap.  Maybe. 

Beautiful weather with blue skies only October brings and not a drop of rain.  Our drought is scary.  there is water rationing, mandatory, everywhere.  The rivers have all dropped so far down it is startling.

We are headed out here in a minute.  Have a super day.Red heart

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