Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Day-Another Dollar July 2007

Headed off to the salt mines here in a while.  Getting ready and decided to wear that new jacket from the "Sag Harbor" suit I bought on sale at Penney's  a few days ago.  Hubba Hubba!  You should see that jacket and how it looks.  I couldn't have done better this time if I had the thing custom made as far as fit is concerned.  I am amazed.  It is light gray..very tailored and has short sleeves which is certainly a good thing considering the weather.  I will wear silver jewelry with it.  Have to look 'jeweled up' for where *I* work. 

I still have 2 hrs. before I have to leave so I am taking my time choosing what else to wear with it.  Wish I could go in this red tank top and pair of shorts with bare feet. 

We had great fun last night at the birthday dinner.  I gave her, besides the dinner, a one ounce silver round with a pretty design on it.  She is not a coin collector as we are in my family so I just got the pretty thing, not a coin.  I liked its presentation.  A pseudo leather wee little bag is what the silver round was in,  and a nice box containing all.  I put it in a gift bag of course.  After we had dinner we headed off to Baskin Robbins.  I have not been there in a score of years.  Just never occurs to me.  That was a treat!!!  A lemon custard ice cream for me.  Strawberry shortcake for her. Then, off to our separate corners. (our homes)

Found out from my middle son that it seems he and the trumpet, er I mean grandson, will be headed this way Monday.  I need to cancel a dinner Monday I was making for someone.  I just reminded myself.

We had a pitiful excuse for rain yesterday and it was supposed to be our best shot!!!  SIGH!!

Hope things are well where you are..they are here.  I have fat squirrels and birds that are too heavy to fly (like me) so can't get any better than that!

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