Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Day Another Dollar June 2007

I was listening to a news program yesterday wherein they discussed what is going on with the Chinese foods, albeit pet foods and now their tooth paste never mind whatever else may be discovered as people sicken.

The general thought was that it is not deliberate. It is just a way for the Chinese manufacturer to make a buck by using cheap ingredients. Doing that, you have less capitol outlay as a manufacturer and... you can still charge the going rate I guess. That makes some extra for you as an entity. Trouble is, you are sickening/killing others in your quest for money. Those folks who are unable to always pay the marked-up high prices for cosmetics and health aids shop in the inexpensive bargain stores such as The Doll-ar Sto-re. There is a huge selection of extremely inexpensive cosmetics and health aids. Too often the old saying is get what you pay for. That is a sad reality for people who cannot afford the inflated prices in other stores.

No one had much to say to my asking what they thought about that lawyer who knew he had a virulent disease but decided HIS agenda was far more important that your agenda, health or even life. I say jack up the jail and put him under it! Selfish is putting it mildly and kindly. My thought.

I did not know you could view DWTS shows from this just past season. I was wishing I could see Apolo and Juliette again in two of their selections..the Pase Doble and a Samba. I was looking at a link that showed up in my stats..a search, and there it was..a reference to those dances. I went to that link and it in turn told us where to go to see the entire season and that means all 4 seasons so far..and see any of the dancers. COOL! I spent a little time there. There were comments too from various people on a board, and one of them mistakenly called the Pase Doble the Bossa Nova. I rolled. I think the dancers would be asked to leave the dance floor if they were doing the Bossa Nova. (or however it's spelled).

OK. Time to get out of here. Have an awesome day.

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