Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Peerless day 9/07

My first robe and slippers morning since Spring.  It is 67 in the house now and has risen from the high 40's outside to 62 degrees. And I have been wearing a wee pair of fleece long trousers all day. And something on my feeties.  No bare feet.  Nary a fan blade turning. Frankly I am amazed that the cat was not wrapped around my neck for warmth when I woke, as she and I were both cold. She just honked and snorted till I got up.

I have been dieting the past 6 days successfully.  For however long that lasts.  I know the blogging family knows I stopped smoking 15 months ago..and some of the blogging family know from personal asides that I seem to have taken that smoking cessation as a signal to eat whatever I liked whenever I liked.  I am still wearing my same clothes but they are mighty snug.  I think I have gotten the proverbial grip now.  More on that later.  I am too good at progress reports as you already know. I can already see a difference with water weight off.

The hummingbirds are not yet gone I see.  They were out there draining the last of what I put in their feeder a few days ago.  I will refill it in a few minutes or they will open the door and go get it themselves. I have the third long long DVD to see of that BBC series I wrote of several blogs ago.  A good 3 hours viewing I think so I am trying to plan a time when I know I can and will sit still long enough to see the whole thing.  I don't like doing the "installment plan".

The oldest son is coming over the middle of next week.  I am about to plan his meals.  You know a big breakfast is already planned.  Always is. Smile I'll have to throw another blanket on the spare bed.

OH Oh..I forgot to tell you.  Grandson has been told to stop the trumpet and take on the trombone instead.  That is by the band leader at his school this years.  He told my son that my grandson didn't quite have the pucker power to blow the trumpet successfully.  And sure enough; he is finding the trombone easier.  I can't wait to see that little trombone.  (it will "fit" him until he grows up.  I am sure there will be equally good trombone serenades as have been trumpet serenades.  Let me pass out the programs for future sonatas to the neighborhood animals so they know what to anticipate while the small trombonist is out on the deck practicing!  What's cool is..he actually likes the change!  And is enthusiastic about the entire music program.

Hm.  Someone is looking at me and will no doubt crawl into my lap and try to assist with typing.  So I will throw in the sponge now...while I can and I'm not trying to see around an ample cat body! 

Love and hugsRed heart

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