Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another This is the Day saga May, 2007

Well, I am standing by for 1430, that is her new appointment. And if we get there..and that is a big "if"...and we have to wait..then she can howl and holler, cry and shriek all she wants to. It'll be their fault for bad scheduling again. A friend of mine asked me " How did she dial the phone to cancel her appointment?" Which made me laugh and think.."I wouldn't put it past her". Today, she said "Look mommy! I can play and run! See? Watch this!!!I'm asking to play with my feather wand. I'm in place on my rug waiting to be brushed! I'm asking for more food!!! Can I have some milk??? Watch this! I can even do back flips!!! Do we still have to go???"  She came up out of her slump but she is sure going to go to the Vet of I can get her into that carrier.

I mentioned the day before yesterday that Tobey Maguire, Spiderman, said and these ARE his words, that it is ridiculous for celebrities to try to be political pundits. Another great looking guy who is also a favorite of mine (OH my gosh he is handsome!!) is Leonardo DiCaprio. He has become very politically motivated. Tobey said that he won't do that, even though he knew he was including his best friend in that statement along with the others. Leonardo and Tobey go way back in friendship to their childhood. Everyone, celebs included are certainly entitled to whatever political lean they wish to have. But don't try to use your status as someone quoted all the time as a way to try to influence fans. Stick to what you do best...entertainment. If you want to be in politics..then quit your day job. You would have more credibility to me. However I always think for myself. NO one will influence me but the candidates themselves.

So, Miss you-know-who is in there taking a well deserved nap. Gathering her strength no doubt for the war to come.

I have to say I miss the television more than I knew I would. Having it on for noise..that's one thing. The cat is entertained by it as she has a video that she actually sits in a chair and watches! She "asks" for it by sitting in front of the TV, and reaching up to pat the screen.

Word of advice. Don't eat a good pound of grapes before bed. There is a huge water content in them and 0400 will find you making your way to a small room because of hydraulic pressure! I got back to sleep easily though.

I have been to see most of you..need to head on out the door again! Come see me...

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