Thursday, October 21, 2010

Arrrgh 8/2007

Woke up with a headache today.  That's a first.  Took my Ty-len-ol. Maybe it will ease off as I have to go to work.  The schedule I have is, as I mentioned several times, interfering with other things to the extent that I may give a weeks notice today.  By the way, it's supposed to be 101 today with a feels-like waaaay up there.  I hope he doesn't have any errands to send me on.

I tried some sample Redken shampoo and conditioner that my stylist gave me when I was leaving the Salon the other day. This is the best my hair has ever looked.  It always looks good when she does it of course.  That's to be expected.  But this time I did it and where I always had frizz on the ends (it's too short now to frizz) it is as smooth as silk and gleaming!!! I think the particular formulation is called " Smooth Down".  I hate to spend that much money on shampoo and conditioner but if my hair doesn't look as good next time when I use my own shampoo, then I will definitely buy the Redken.

I haven't been taking much in the way of pictures as I have been sticking close to home except necessary errands.  Too hot and humid.  Not a lot of fun to be out and doing anything that is not necessary.  But I did take some where I was having lunch a couple days ago and I have another of my grandson blowing that trumpet.  I took it from the living room while he was entertaining the dogs and cats of the neighborhood one noon.  He's wearing is Scout uniform. 

Hope those who need to keep cool.  Everyone have a good day. 

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