Sunday, October 3, 2010

Auction House 2/07

I remembered to tune in the History Channel last night and thoroughly enjoyed a 3 hour celebration of the 40th Star *Trek anniversary. It wasn't what you think. As it happens, Para*mount (who owns the franchise) allowed an auction at London's Christ*ies, of 40 years worth of props, wardrobe, many many things. It was the largest number of articles the auction house had seen and handled up to this time. Part of the show was how they had to receive,catalogue, photograph, verify and showcase, before they ever got to the actual auction. Then we saw some of the auction. The models for the Star*ships sold for the most with the USS* Enterprise* 1701-D selling for half a million dollars. The others for not that much less. The Klingon ships...whoa nelly!!!

Another hour was taken with interviews with scientists regarding the possibilities of teleportation and weaponry as depicted in Star*Trek. As Spock would have said..."Fascinating!" The interviews with the stars of the original series as well as The *Next* Generation and the one's following Deep* Space 9 and the others were interesting and fun. Haven't seen those particular people in a while with the exception of Patrick *Stewart. Just a fun several hours for me. thing that surprised me somewhat was seeing that the fan base is continuing with new people. They too have watched the re-runs and have become new fans of the series. Sometimes I guess, an idea's time has really come and just doesn't go away.

One son is away on a business trip but I called and left a message that once more a picture he took, one taken at a Preserve nearby of Sandhill Cranes in their migration and a Whooping Crane with them, is in the newspaper. He is a hobbiest photographer aside from his profession.

I had better get ready to meet the day. I hope you all have a great day!

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