Thursday, October 21, 2010

August 2007

Nothing I dislike more than cleaning out a horribly overstuffed linen closet.  Jammed up with things and *I* am the one who did that. 

I am chronically neat too.  Go figure why the linen closet is my secret shame!!!  My kitchen gleams..all the surfaces in the house do.  There is no clutter on any horizontal surface in this house (till I go to bed, that is) Wink and so why I make this horrible mess out of that linen closet I have no idea.  Yes, the mess started while I was working the years of 12 hr. shift rotation.  But there are many many others doing the same who don't have a linen closet that looks as though laundry exploded in it! 

Like the bookcases you saw me going on and on about this past Winter till I finally bought a folding table to help make it easier and did I was dreading the linen closet.  This afternoon, and late at that, I just hauled off, got out that table again and started taking all the linens out.  They towered waaaaaaay up. Overflowed, and I had to stack stuff on the hall floor too. So, I gathered old serviceable sheets that aren't the 400-600 TC ones and put those into a leaf and lawn bag along with old towels that are still good (why I held onto them) and washcloths, old night shirts, whatever and filled that bag!!!  And I still had a lot to put back.   Those are going to the feral cat caretakers and the animal shelter. 

Now I have to sit on the floor in there and take out all that stuff on the FLOOR...SIGH...and throw half of it away too no doubt!  Heck, I haven't seen that stuff in back there in years!!!  I have no idea why I have done this careless thing to myself but maybe now I will do better.  I have a kazillion blumillion washcloths because I could never find any in all that mess so I kept buying more.  Sigh.

Meanwhile, mid nineties today and a feels-like of 100+.  I know most of you are getting the same deal.  I'll show ya:
  Patchy Fog late tonight. Expect a very hot week with temperatures in the 90's. The Heat Index will make it feel over 100 degrees in many areas each afternoon. Most areas will remain dry but there will be a slight chance of a stray Thunderstorm each day.

ALL next week is busy.  Tomorrow is taking the car in for service, and dinner too.  Tuesday, friends, hair appointment  and Wednesday, friends and lunch etc. as well. Thursday starts my work week. 

Hope it's been a good Sunday for you.  Missed you..Red heart

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