Friday, October 15, 2010

Back From the Trenches June 2007

Back from the first day at something totally new to me. That makes it a challenge indeed. I'll tell you, being in dress clothes all day made it a challenge to me. I'm not used to it as when I was at my former job, believe me..dress clothes were not what one wore. And add the pointy toed dress shoes I was silly enough to wear and I have some temporarily sore tootsies.

I want to thank you all for your good wishes! You sure make a gal feel good!!! Before I left and after I came home. I do believe that it made a difference in attitude. I felt slightly nervous as it is a very new sort of job for me but you guys were all so positive that I too became positive. I walked in all spiffy and in THE black top and that white skirt with my hair gleaming and this time, in my 18k gold. I smelled good too if I say so myself. Chanel Coco-Mademoiselle.

There is a whole lot more to it than I could possibly know, and this was just the first day. Wow. Talk about hopping!!! He allowed me to approach the customer as soon as I got in there and put my purse away. Within a few hours I had keys to the showcases, and we're off to the races so to speak not that I know what to do. (nah, I'm not that bad in that regard..I have a good eye and some rudimentary knowledge) but all the rest..I need to learn a lot.

I think I would hyperventilate of I had to open or close that place myself!!! IF I had to open or close??? No question I would.

Tomorrow will be another work day as will Saturday. See you tomorrow.

By the way, Streamofconsciousness has a link from CNN regarding The National Audubon Society that is very sobering. I hope you'll read it. To the left in my links...

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