Friday, October 15, 2010

Back to Normal June 2007

P.S. He just posted the first one on his Space..a glacier.

Well, the ol' boy finally rolled into the airport at 0048 hrs. That's quarter to 1 in the morning to you non -military folks. We waited (and waited) for his luggage and then got underway. I had some burgers for him in an insulated bag I bought here before I left for the airport and a drink in another insulated bag so he had relatively warm food and a nice cold drink for the trip to his place. From there, I had the trip to MY place. I got here at 0211 hrs. I just washed my face and hit the sack. The cat followed but I had a hard time falling asleep. Out of my routine is why, I think.

I set the clock for 0930 but the furry clock requested that I get up much earlier as always. Hence, I have had just a few hours sleep. I have a lunch engagement and don't want to miss that so here I sit waiting on time.

My son has already sent us (family) one photo (while he was waiting on his house to cool down after being shut up for all that vacation time) of the Alaska Range in Denali. Snow still! I am so uneducated about Alaska.

I want to put in a word here for how pets can learn and communicate. Yesterday I was reading the paper and my cat was making some little sounds over where I brush her. I looked over the paper and she was standing with a front foot on the DVD/VCR player and looking up at the TV screen. And "speaking". You may remember I said that I have a video for her. It is just for cats and has a great action filled 2 hrs. for cats to watch when they are alone. Mine just hops up into the (cushioned of course!) chair I pull up in front of the TV and watches her movie. There are squirrels, chipmunks, birdies, rats, mice, flutter-bys, all things of interest to cats. And it has sound too. Yesterday she was "asking" to see it. It was a plain as day! I hopped up (of course!) to play it for her but, alas and alack I did not know how with all new equipment etc. to make the video "go". So, she didn't get to see her movie. However, as I mentioned yesterday she can watch "TV" outside any time. I guess she's one of the kids. My boys escaped... and so she, spoiled thing, takes the brunt. :-)

I am leaving the camera at home...all of you are safe!!! Just gonna enjoy my lunch and come home and likely take a nap as I am whupped. No exercise today.

You all hear about the toothpaste recalled as poison? It is in the bargain dollar-type stores. Made in China and has antifreeze ingredients in it. Please Google 'recalled toothpaste' if you did not see it on the news last night and this morning. Did you know that some folks are still dropping because they are still eating the recalled Peter Pan and GV peanut butter? Apparently, the news said, they did not get the word. That's hard to figure but that's what they said.

And that lawyer from Atlanta with TB? What say you?

Have a good week guys..come see me


  1. I remember the poison toothpaste, has it been 3 yrs? Wow and the PB too, remember that too. I wonder now about the lawyer....I'm getting caught up here....

  2. I'd like to know where you get these videos for cats. Did you explain to her why she couldn't see her video?lol I talk to Kassey like she was human, crazy to some I know. They are so smart as cat owners know.