Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Bazilliion Dollars 2/07

That's what I feel like. A bazillion dollars! Probably because I just finished doing my thing including weights. I say again thank goodness for the iPod. I have the deeper cleaning of the house as my reward. I'll get started here in a minute.

I mentioned yesterday that 3rd son took a photo of "his" hawk who had swooped down and killed his lunch..likely a Starling. I mentioned also that he sent it to a local newspaper and perhaps it, like others might be published. Glowing mom here will proudly announce that if it is! You know ME! However, he had written in an email to me that he asked the editor if he would consider a few words regarding preserving the habitat of the Hawks and other wildlife of course. I mentioned that in my blog yesterday and several people left a comment to the effect that they as well wish the habitats for wildlife were left alone as much as possible.

Sadly, they aren't. Corporations and private contractors see the lush meadows in one location or the verdant riverside land in another location... perhaps rolling hills and grassy lands somewhere else. Timber and wildlife are the residents. Maybe it is in a semi tropical part of our Country...Florida perhaps.

There's the property. Gather build build. Pillage the Land and push the non-voting, non money carrying flying and fur bearing or scaled residents to the side and destroy their homes..maybe they'll leave! Who cares as long as you build your "McMansions" close together on the tiny plots of land ill gotten by robbing the helpless i.e. the animal life who once lived there. And while you're at it..get really angry when a poor displaced alligator is swimming in your canal running in the back of your house..or found wandering through your town (I remember one well..thank goodness they took care of him, but it should never have happened) If the alligator does what an alligator does and charges you..worse still bites you, shoot the thing! What reason does it have to be on YOUR land? Doesn't he know better? Now you know as well as I do I hope, that I am certainly not advocating animals or reptiles biting people! I am simply trying to make a point that they are displaced..their usual food sources are now or many times minimal or worse, gone. And they are trying to survive as are the bears we read about who roam thru towns and yards, digging into garbage. They many times are simply victims to encroaching people in their areas who are careless and leave garbage out or worse still feed the bears.

Who said it..."we have met the enemy and he is us". Walt Kelly in "Pogo"

Actually all I wanted to say when I started out was I hope the Editor does say something about preserving some wildlife habitats. I didn't know I was going to get up on a soapbox.

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