Thursday, October 14, 2010

Be STILL my Heart-- 5/2007

Oh my gosh, gee whiz and golly!!!!!!!!!! I have my ear tuned to the sound of the television in the living room as Regis and Kelly are featuring TOM SELLECK!!!!!!!!!! Oh! My heart is palpitating! That man is THE singlemost gorgeous man that ever lived in this lifetime of mine. WOW oh WOW! I can't remember if I ever knew, how old he is but who cares??? He can be 70 if he wants to be and he would still be the most gorgeous man there is!!! Those dimples! That mustache!! (I think he is in his high 50's I think) There are two male actors who have kept their great looks (my opinion of course) all through their lifetimes. Tom Selleck of course and Dick Van Dyke. Hard to believe how handsome he still is in his mid 70's. Or is he older?

If I can see them I still watch old (OLD!!!) re-runs of Magnum PI. WHEW!!!! To think how many have passed away on that show. Well, after all, we're talkin' the 70's or was it 80's here.

I will sure be tuned in Monday to "Dancing With the Stars". I am curious who doesn't make the cut. I know who should have gone last Tuesday and Ian was not the one who should have gone. I had to correct that sentence. My Southern heritage showed up really well! I had typed "should have went" instead of "gone". Daddio would have had a cow! I love grammar and English in general and try to adhere to some of the grammatical rules..just I forget them as time passes along.

I will have to find someone to help me with this TV. The instructions, what there are of them are not easily understood by the likes of me who is not technically inclined. Yesterday at 6 in the morning the TV was silent. This morning is was blaring. Yesterday it cut off maybe 3 times...and went to its DVD viewing mode. All without my help. Instinct says this is not a defective is something with the set up that I simply don't understand. And nowadays there is no one you can call to help. Not like there used to be if at all.

One of my sons submitted an idea where he works, and among the entrants, his won, and there's another $5000.00. So while the first time he won last Winter, paid for some of this Alaskan photo safari he is going on next week..this will more than make up what part he himself paid above the money he received from his firm. Good place to work..they certainly reward their employees for their work. If you would like to know where in Alaska he is going, he put his itinerary in his blog last night.

I have run into the living room to see Tom Selleck and now I guess I need to get ready for the day. See what a good girl I was? Nary a word about mothers and children.

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  1. This 2010 and Tom Selleck still looks good. Hope you get the TV thing worked out.