Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beautiful Day 3/07

I thought as I woke to see how long before I was forced to get up (at least in a manner of speaking). Those of you who have pets know what I mean. I had been asleep but woke slightly from the weight of my pet jumping onto the bed..and her march to my head to check on my status. I felt my pillow sinking to my left, as she settled onto it after leaning in to see if my eyes were open (they were not). I heard breathing..I felt radiant warmth from her body heat and I heard purring. I didn't move nor crack my eyelids. I was comfortable and relaxed (something I don't do easily..relax) so I genuinely wanted to linger awhile.

However, after what she would consider a decent interval, I felt a warm paw, (claws carefully tucked up tightly where they would not hurt me), on the corner of my mouth. That was the first "poke" to get me to wake up. If I don't respond, I usually get 3 more "pokes" (putting her paw against my cheek usually) on the cheek. I chose instead to save her the trouble and I "woke up". Had I not responded with the so-called pokes, then she would have risen on her back legs and come down on my chest or belly with her straightened out forelegs! Like being hit with a pile driver., TWO pile drivers!! I swear, I feel like I'm still married!!! OK. I won't go there.

I need to get ready to head to church. Still in my exercise clothes. Gotta do my face. Etc.

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