Friday, October 15, 2010

Black and Whiye June 2007

I can't believe how much black and white I have in the way of clothes. Of the ensembles I have picked out for the first week, clearly I have a mania for black and white as they are all variations of the same. I have two white skirts out and ready. Softest cotton and one which you'd have to look awfully hard to see that it has white embroidery near the bottom. You truly cannot see it unless you're looking for it. It is like a lovely secret only you, the wearer know of. The other white skirt has little insets of lace here and there..unobtrusive. The tops are black for the most part. One, I call "THE" black top. Every time I have worn that top (3/4 sleeve, wide scoop neck, 26 inches long) I have gotten notes pressed into my hands from men. Think I'm kidding? I'm not. I have a box on the dresser I keep them in. It's so funny! The bad part is, they were all married, hence, that was a deal breaker! So, when I say I am wearing a black top to a function when asked, women friends say "THE black top?" and I answer yes or no. That is one I will wear next week with the soft white cotton skirt (and white kitten heels). Then, there are the black wide legged pants (so different from my skinny legged ones!) short black jacket and a black cami top under. Woo Woo. Sell the jewelry, girl! And there is more..I'll give you a break and move on. OH WOW! I need to buy some slips!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have already been on the treadmill. I am reducing the weights to every other day excepting the triceps area. I know that is riveting news for everyone.

Another gorgeous day. I suppose I had better get out of these clothes and into something more appropriate to meet the day and those in it. Have an awesome day. I'll be lookin' for ya out the front door. Just come on in.

P.S.  In the R.U. Kidding Dept. Heck yes I will still blog almost every day.  Those who have hung with me the past several years know that even when I was on my 12 hr. shift rotation I blogged.  And it wasn't just a paragraph either!  You ain't gittin' rid o' ME!

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