Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Blue Skies..Smilin' at Me..."

"Nothin' but blue skies, do I see.  Never seen the sun, shinin' so bright...."  I could go on and on because that is what I see out there again..and am I ever grateful and glad.  According to the Weather report it is supposed to start showering tonight and off and on for the rest of the week, purportedly clearing completely for the weekend.

To answer the question as to why I sometimes don't like my pictures as much as it might seem I would or should...that's easy.  Every one of us is different and each of us live according to their own standard.  Everyone has their own standard.  Mine are not yours, yours are your own and not mine. For me, I would like to have progressed more in my ability to produce what I see when it comes to photography.  I have progressed some but I have more than half way to go to meet my expectations for myself.  I am disappointed that I have not made more progress.  Simple as that.  :-)

Meanwhile, after church. I cleaned house and everything is shining and it smells so good in here from wax and so on.  Bible study tonight at 1800.  Looking forward to that as I always do.

It is a bad time light-wise to take nature photos right now as it is not 1300 yet.  The light is too harsh but..I can plan for later.  That reminds me..I came out of someone's home last week and took a roller coaster ride without the coaster  ;-) on all the acorns that fell in her yard.  Everyone's property is as covered with forest/tall trees as mine, almost.  But with lots of twisting and manipulations I stayed upright very well.  I am very sturdy so it would only have injured my ego had I hit the dirt and acorns. 

So..with all that said..see ya later, gators.


  1. This is a beautiful photo with several colors and blue sky peeking through.

  2. Having been an admirer of your photos for several years now I can attest to the fact that you have made remarkable progess. The photo of the leaves posted here is a very good example. Your readers should biggefy (love that word) this photo to see the many marvelous colors.

  3. I always think my pictures are great, till I see them on the PC :-/... Software is definitely needed to correct alot of camera weaknesses, wish I had a program.

  4. Very well stated Carole about each of us being in our unique ways and so true. I remember a photo you took yesterday and it was stunning. I have one something like it has a road. It blew me away . You have an unforgetable photo of the Sun coming thought the tress. That photo I will never forget. Its is beyond Beauty I have seen yet.
    Love your leaves here. They are beautiful.
    Dont be so hard on yourself. You have your unique style and I love it. I was telling that to someone else also . I get intimitaded by some photos here on blogspot but I keep trying and going. I had to really look at that .
    I too have been doing some cleaning. Fall cleaning. Seems that my floors arent looking like I want so I need to redo them. Not sure what I did wrong . Had to be what I used on the hardwood.
    Carole have a wonderful day
    Hugs my Heart Sister.
    and Thanks for coming by agian and looking at my Big Boy. . He is still trying to climb my leg. Go figure that one. Hes too big. :)and it hurts.

  5. I love your style Sis and your eye for beauty in this world is superb. The day here is gorgeous! I am loving it!

  6. That's the kind of shot that I truly dig. Frankly I have found my new camera with the better specs to be a pain to use...can't say why, it just doesn't appeal to me on the level that I'd hoped. I've got the bells, got the whistles but after I look at the shots I've taken I come away kind of dissapointed...know what I mean? I hope that as I have time to use it this will change. Love...never happy with her shots though they are a thousand times beyond me...maybe it's just a personal thing like you for me I like both her and's mine I despise...LOL!

  7. We each have our standards and likes and dislikes. It's what makes the world such an interesting place. I personally think you do a beautiful job and have progressed nicely. Glad you have such good balance and didn't fall and hurt yourself.

  8. I bigiefied your photo and it is spectacular! Great background photo and more. I think everyone is their own worst critic, don't you think? I have seen you progress missy. After while crocodile!

  9. I love the lightening in your leaves here. Yes we can be so much more critical of our own work. I have watch your work progress and even commented to my husband on how your work has gotten better with leaps and bounds. I still use my simple little camera and would be so afraid to stip into the world of using a better camera. So much to learn on it. I congradulate you on the work and progress you have made. It often astounds me. Hugs Carrie

  10. Mom has 3 huge white oaks in her front yard and I've been on many acorn surfing safaris. I don't miss that aspect of fall because I'm highly skilled at falling on my butt and don't need any help.

    We are our own worst critics. I know I have made a lot of progress with my photography, thanks in no small part to many wonderful, generous people online who have mentored me, but still have a long way to go before I'll be where I want to be.

  11. Watch your step... The leaves look glorious... Love, Marilyn

  12. I've heard of unusual ways to crack nuts, but going surfing on them is very unique. Do you have many more to crack up.

    You're right about photography, it is very subjective and each to their own. Unlike you I do not try to post my best on the net, just decent ones. I do not use photoshop either.

    Have a good week.

  13. Glad to hear you stayed upright. I have to watch my step when I go out onto the many acorns this year.
    I really like how you caught the light on that photos. As for your photos...Carrie said it best, as to what I see.
    Hey, it's raining over here. A real rain, not just the less than 1/10 last time we had some. :-)

  14. I can't remember what sort of question was?
    But as said before everybody is different idea and thought you do what you wanted in your way.
    Your photos: looking back for years ago it must be a big progress in your photgraphy in your way:-)although that I thought you do noticed from all Flickr friends comments are reward to you?I was proud to seen that I am your Sis :-)

    Have a good night asleep!
    Sis & Miss Cats & Miyuki& Victoria.

  15. Woke up here to thunder and pouring rain, right now its as quiet as can be and all is still. Have a good day and i hope you dont get caught in pouring rain that is on the way.