Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brrrr 4/07

Can't come up with a more clever title this time. Titles got frozen over along with everything else!! I looked out last evening long about 2100 and there was a pretty decent snow flurry going on. I am in the Valley of my section of the State. Another blogger lives in what is commonly called the Plateau not too far from here, and said in a comment this morning that she had snow on the ground. I recalled last night the weatherman did say we here in this area may just get a little bit of snow. We escaped the serious stuff. Usually, 4/9 is the latest part of April for us to get snow that accumulates for our part of the State.

I have done my usual exercise, gone out, got very cold in the wind (it has, at 1405 hrs struggled up to 35 degrees) walking to the various stores I visited. I was glad to go home. I added two more new pictures to that new April 7, 2007 album. Set a spell on the deck with me.  You can see my little bistro table.  I was sitting out there last week in the 84 degree heat, reading. 

Someone this morning made a comment about my use of military time. I am just used to it in my career all these years. I blogged about it once, and uncovered many in my blog family who are familiar with its use, and some who prefer it. It SURE is easier to write than the other way. Less key strokes for example to say 0030 than go through and say 12:30 A.M. Sheeesh! A blogger decided to make light of me last year and write a long ol' blog naming my blog and making light of my habit of using military time. He even used 0030  hrs. now that I think of it. So, I sighed and thought, "guess I need to roll out why I do it." Habit. Many years. Had to...etc etc. Even the family, except one son, uses it. Just easier.  Turns out it was unnecessary as everyone already understood why I did it. that topic, I have done absolutely nothing interesting and I have loved every second of it!! I have been out after the treadmill etc. yes; big woo. Back to read the paper and not a darn thing since. LOVE it. I am restless now however and so I will head back out. I may wait till the mail comes though as I bid on and won an eBay auction. A QSL card from my town, From the year 1948. The resident who had mailed that QSL card back then was from a few streets away from here...this end of town. Hopefully it will be in the mailbox today. Any HAM operators out there?

You know, it just occurred to me. I never have blogged about my hobbies, the things I like to do, crafts (not many of me..I am NOT a crafts person..I am way too impatient) my beliefs, nothing. I could start by saying I am a very private person. I don't mind a bit telling you I am a 'Diva', a buyer of clothes, a gemstone rough collector or that I love to see the animals that come up out of the woods near the house. But I guess I have been very sparing of anything else. Hard for anyone to know if they have anything in common with me unless they are fellow Christians. We seem to find one another. What a joy.

Meanwhile..I hope tomorrow is joyous, for He is risen.

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