Sunday, October 3, 2010

Burning Question..Is She or Isn't She? 2/.07

She is indeed. I was asked several times about my fitness regime and did I give up. Nope. I am still at it each and every day, whether I like it or not. Me and my boys are all trying to best one another in time used exercising in one form or another. Someone asked if I had given up on the Mall due to shopping. Nope. I'm in there each and every day after I do my treadmill. I only bought something the two days of the sale. Anyone who knows me in "real time" will attest that I can be quite the penny pincher. So, my widdle shins are hurting a little bit...but other than that, I am moving right along.

The cat's watch must have stopped or she has it set on C.S.T. Something; because instead of getting me up at 0735 (and I swear to you it is true...every DAY for over a month, she has laid that pretty little face next to mine on my pillow and purred for me to get up at 0735. (If that doesn't work..sterner measures are called for. That would be playing with my spread out hair!!! I hate that!!! She knows that!!! That's why she does it!!! It works!!!) Well, yesterday I had promised to help a dear friend compose a resume ( really, her first) Good thing would not believe what she thought should be on it. Anyway, I had to get up early to accommodate her work hours hence I got up earlier.

That meant I struggled to the hallway in the dark and woke HER (cat) up!!! At 0600. An hour and a half sooner than she would have woke ME up. Well, I must have messed up her cat mind because today she came in at 0615 and heralded the start of the day with some stentorian meowing!!! I didn't have to get up but she insisted. If I hadn't been hungry for breakfast I would have made her wait. (yeah, and you've heard about that property for sale in the swamplands of Florida, right? ) So, I was up and at 'em way ahead of time despite I read late into the night. But, I got my hair trimmed, went to the Mall, slid on the snow and got some fruit at the grocery.

I think I overdid it a little in speed at the Mall and on the treadmill today however and may take it a little easier tomorrow.

Live long and prosper, dudes...(and dudettes!)


  1. Is this a transfer from Live Spaces??? Or else you had a very prolific day!

  2. You sure ended this cute. I laughed. I have been on the run here for days. Weight is falling off me Im too busy and the mall is out for me right now unless it rains. Glad your having som much fun Caorle.