Saturday, October 16, 2010

Busy day October 16, 2010

I am still busy porting over blogs from Spaces. If I keep at it like this..each day then it will be well and over with that much sooner.

It has been another of those absolutely breathtakingly beautiful perfect days. Cold for awhile in the morning..warmed up to 72 late afternoon and the a blue crayon. No humidity to be a botheration. I had my oldest here from last evening till I got to cook. I wasn't prepared so it wasn't as sumptuous as I would have liked. It was a perfect sleeping night. I had my blankie and a cat, so I was ready to sleep and sleep well. I have the heat set to turn on at 66. I think it did once. She's in her fur and I'm in long sleeves and warm stuff including jammies.

I posted a skyline picture to Flickr but folks only seem to like my nature or cat photos..not many comments on my other things. That's alright though. They appeal to me and that's what you're supposed to do...please your own self and share. If others like it..all the better. :-) The one I have posted is is uptown Charlotte NC on a walking tour with the family last weekend.

It's good we are all hooked up on FB and now, thanks to Sherry (Burrwood Lady) we have our blog addresses down so we can stay a blog family even if we have been kicked out of Spaces. Great idea Sherry! (((HUGS)))


  1. I think we had pretty much the same weather here today and I am really loving it. I am not sure how the facebook thing is working, maybe if I would get on there once in awhile I would find out. :-)
    I like all of your pictures so I will go to your flickr acct and check it out.

  2. What a perfect day indeed. A beautiful day spent with family is ideal. It just doesn't get any better then that. I love all your pictures too and thoroughly enjoy each and every one. Keep it up gf.
    I'm so glad everyone is happy about our little group on fb. I had fun setting it up and was hoping everyone would like it too.

  3. If I could use my GGB instead of my real name, I'd consider FB, tried it, but ...maybe a lotta family on there too.

  4. Glad you got to have your son with you for awhile. Mine didn't come after all.

  5. Sis admire your grit to get those posts over here.. it is a huge job.. I know I sure didn't want to do that with mine. I totally agree take pics you dang everyone else.. I do that all the time. : )

  6. The beautiful blue skies of fall and the dry wonderful smelling air! I loved the photo of the reflection building-I never would have seen that-

  7. Good Morning Carole. Sounds quite cozy.... PJ'S, blankie and a cat. :) For me it was PJ'S, blankie and a cute little fuzzy wuzzy dog.:)
    Carole I enjoy all your photos and hope to get over to flickr soon to do some catching up. It seems I am always trying to catch up somewhere. Life is good and is full of things to do. I never have time to be bored. As you know I am on F.B to but seldom get over there.
    Anyway, you are often in my thoughts and prayers my friend.
    I too am trying to move my blogs from spaces but most of the archives were not done with WLW which makes it slow and cumbersome and not sure if the photo links will be lost once they are deleted from spaces. Could you let me know how you are porting them over. The ones in writer were easy, it's the others I am not sure of the best way to get them to blogger. If you have any ideas please let me know.
    Well you take care and have a great day.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  8. Your pictures are always so nice no matter what the subject, and pleasing yourself is definitely what's important.

    The fb group chat site is so neat. It's great to be able to connect with the spaced group that way. My sister is so clever. Either that or she has too much time on her hands so spends it playing on here, lol. Just kidding Sherry.

  9. latey our weather has been spot on with yours..its actually nice to wake up to some cool temps and get in the high 70's during the afternnon..hope you are finding time to get out there and enjoy it

  10. I am having trouble uploading photos. The weather has been nice though I have not been able to enjoy it. I feel a bit disconnected from the Blogger family. Hopefully that will change shortly.
    Very nice shot!

  11. I love your landscape here. I just don't get to flickr. I am even considering closing it. I just don't have time to visit people there or work with or add new photos. These days I am feeling soo tired. When I am tired I can't focus here at the computer. I still have all my updates to do. Today the weather is cold and miserable so I thought I would get a few visits in. Suppose to be nice again tomarrow so will be back outside again.. Have a great week hugs Carrie